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Social Work

The undergraduate program in social work prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice at the undergraduate level which involves the capacity to apply knowledge, skills and values to assess a range of situations and the ability to work with individuals, groups, larger organizations, and communities from a wide variety of perspectives. Students will complete course work in human behavior and the social environment, social welfare history and policy, research, social work practice methods, and field instruction. As students progress, they will develop the skills for intervening at a generalist level with individuals, groups, organizations, families and communities. Upon graduation, students will be prepared as a baccalaureate-level social work practitioner with a strong foundation in liberal arts.

The program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974. Hundreds of students have graduated from the program since initial accreditation.

The Social Work Program at Ohio University Lancaster aims to work closely with social services agencies in the Fairfield County and surrounding areas. The program works with agencies and organizations to provide learning opportunities for students in field practicum. The faculty also are actively engaged in collaborating with social service agencies on projects and continuing education.

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Lisa Skeens
Associate Professor
Herrold Hall 202

Recent Instructors

Michael Ashton
Benjamin Edwards
Theresa Johnson
Kelly Vacca

Tentative Semester Planner Information

Subject Course Name F1 SP1 F2 SP2 F3 SP3 F4 SP4
SW 1000 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare X X X X X X X X
SW 2601 Social Welfare Overview and Trends X X X   X   X  
SW 3213 Child Abuse and Neglect X X X X X X X X
SW 3263 Chemical Dependency X X X X X X X X
SW 3273* Mental Health and Social Work X   X   X   X  
SW 3602 Social Welfare Policy X   X   X   X  
SW 3701 Dynamics of Human Behavior X   X   X   X  
SW 3801 Introduction to Social Work Practice Methods   X   X   X   X
SW 4223* Child Welfare I X   X   X   X  
SW 4224* Child Welfare II   X   X   X   X
SW 4801 Social Work Practice I X   X   X   X  
SW 4802 Social Work Practice II   X   X   X   X
SW 4921 Field Seminar I X   X   X   X  
SW 4922 Field Seminar II   X   X   X   X
SW 4923 Field Practicum I X   X   X   X  
SW 4924 Field Practicum II   X   X   X   X
*offered via OULN