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Middle Childhood Education

Middle Childhood Education prepares students for a license to teach in grades 4 - 9 in upper elementary grades, middle school, and junior high school.

Program Requirements

Program Sequences

If you began your program in Fall 2021, these are the program sheets that will help you in your disciplines:

Middle Childhood Education News

Advising for Middle Childhood Education Students:

For program advising, contact the adviser listed on your DARS report. For course selection advising, please always review your own DARS and make a list of the courses that you have the prerequisites for and that meet your schedule before bringing it to your advisor.

Application  for Admission into Teacher Candidacy [PDF]:

Apply online at this website: https://webapps.ohio.edu/cems

EDTE 1000 must be taken by everyone before you are allowed to take an other education courses.

Take the following courses in order to be admitted to Teacher Candidacy:

  • PSY 1010
  • Tier I Math Course
  • Tier I Composition Course

You must also meet the following requirements for admission to Teach Candidacy:

  • Accumulation of 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours of coursework with a GPA of 3.00 or higher (effective Fall, 2014)
  • Passing scores on the Praxis test of Core Academic Skills for Educators (Reading 156, Writing 162, Math 150)
  • or an ACT score of 21 or above
  • or a SAT score of 990 or above
  • Valid FBI and BCI clearance

Admission to Advanced Standing requires you to have completed 60 Semester Hours of coursework with a GPA of 2.75. You must have completed each of the following courses with a grade of C or better: EDTE 1000, EDTE 2000, EDTE 2010, and EDTE 2020

Advanced Standing Application Form

You may submit this form in the semester that you complete all the requirements for Advanced Standing status. Make sure you have the current BCI&I and or FBI background reports on file at Athens. Always review your DARS to see where you stand and what you need to fulfill the requirements. Advanced standing status is required to take any education course at or above the 3000 level.

Link to Application for Admission to Advanced Standing


Clinical Field Experiences

The following junior and senior level Middle Childhood Education Courses require clinical field experiences throughout the semester:

  • EDMC 3000
  • EDMC 3010
  • EDCS 3010
  • EDMC 3300L
  • EDMC 3400L
  • EDMC 3500L
  • EDMC 3100L
  • EDTE 3250
  • EDTE 4200
  • EDTE 4210

Be prepared to commit 40 hours (one half day a week) throughout the semester if you are registered for one of these classes during a single semester.

Be prepared to commit 80 hours (one whole day or two half days a week) throughout the semester if you are registered in two or more of these classes during a single semester.

To be eligible for clinical experience, you must have been admitted to Teacher Candidacy and have already completed EDTE 1000 and EDTE 2000. You must have a valid BCI/FBI clearance in the Field Experience Coordinator's Office at Ohio University Lancaster before you will be placed in a field experience classroom.

It is your responsibility to be sure that your BCI/FBI Clearances are up to date before each semester that you are registered for a course that includes a clinical field experience. An expired security clearance will delay the beginning of your field experience and may even result in your having to withdraw from the class.

Please contact Janis Smeltzer at 335 Brasee Hall or email smeltzer@ohio.edu for field experience information and placement for your clinical experiences.

Professional Internship

The Professional Internship is the culminating clinical experience in your Middle Childhood Education Program. You are required to submit the Professional Internship Application by Nov. 1 of the academic year prior to your intended internship year. The application form will be completed online. The Professional Internship is an Athens course and Athens tuition fees will apply. You should register for the section of the course that is taught by the Lancaster supervisor of the Professional Internship, Dr. Joyce Thompson. 

Link to Application for Professional Internship

Educator Licensure Examinations

Praxis II examinations are no longer accepted for the purposes of teacher licensure in the State of Ohio. If you have passed a Praxis II licensure exam before September, 2013, the passing scores are valid, and you will not need to retake that portion of the test. However, any tests that were not passed before September, 2013, will be required to be taken and passed using the new Assessments for Ohio Educators. You can find information about which new tests you need to take on the Ohio Department of Education website using the following link:


Reading Endorsement: This endorsement is now offered only through completion of a graduate level course sequence. Please be aware that your Middle Childhood license already qualifies you to teach reading in grades 4-8. The graduate reading endorsement further qualifies you as a reading specialist.

Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement: In addition to your middle childhood education degree, you may be able to add a 4th through 6th grade teaching endorsement, adding other content areas to the two areas already included in your MCE license. However, please be aware that this endorsement may not continue to be offered indefinitely in Ohio. For current information please check the website for the Ohio Department of Education.

The MCE Generalist Endorsement currently requires you to add both of the two content areas not included in the teacher license you are seeking. The course requirements for the Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement are listed on the website of the Patton College of Education.

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