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Electronic Media

Electronic media covers the internet, videogames, film, television, advertising, radio and music. The Lancaster Campus specializes in multi-media - the combination of audio and visuals combined with interactivity. Work in the field of electronic media can be found almost everywhere: insurance companies, post-houses, newspapers, schools, film production, broadcasting, advertising companies, and freelance.

Program Description

Multimedia is the focus of the Electronic Media Program at the Lancaster Campus. Graduates
will be prepared to secure entry-level positions in their field. Students will actively work with audio recording and mixing, video production and editing techniques, aesthetics, and web design. Students will integrate theory and “hands on” techniques

as they expand critical thinking skills necessary for the successful graduate. The Electronic Media major requires a minimum of 64 semester hours, two years of full-time study.

Career Opportunities

The electronic media field continues to grow as new technologies advance ways for us to reach out to mass audiences. Almost every business uses social media and advertising, and many are looking for new graduates to bring a fresh approach to their customer outreach. Upon graduation, the student will be qualified to apply for positions such as production assistant, entry-level web designer, and positions in content creation. This field equips graduates with several options, and a well-educated student will be ready to embrace the possibilities and opportunities that electronic media presents.

Associate’s to Bachelor’s Degree Options

Electronic Media graduates may further their education with Media Arts and Studies (Athens Campus), requiring an additional two years of full-time study. Students should maintain a high GPA and keep a detailed portfolio of work through their tenure at Ohio University Lancaster to achieve their choice of track in this program. Optionally, the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies and the Bachelor of Communication Studies, located at the Lancaster Campus, offer four-year programs in conjunction with the Electronic Media program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the electronic media major, students will be able to:

  • Trace the evolution of the technological and operational maturation of radio, television, cable television/direct broadcast services, internet and new media.

  • Trace the evolution of the regulatory organizations that shape media.

  • Understand how electronic media shape society

  • Recognize and define terminology used in electronic media.

  • Identify, discuss and practice applied media aesthetic elements of visualization, light

    color, dimensions of 2-3D, motion and sound), and incorporate them into planning and

    production of media projects.

  • Gain knowledge and be able to demonstrate practical basic audio, video and multimedia


  • Demonstrate the use of writing and storytelling elements for creative content for

    electronic media.

  • Demonstrate an understanding the function and operation of various types of video, audio

    and multimedia equipment functions and software.

  • Distinguish the different production approaches and types of audio, video and multimedia


  • Identify media industries and career opportunities locally, nationally and international.

  • Become familiar with aspects of electronic media business by examining roles of

    electronic media marketing and promotional strategies employed in the industry.

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of various electronic media advertising.

Undergraduate Catalog

Contact Person

Don Moore
Electronic Media

Tentative Semester Planner Information

Subject Course Name F1 SP1 F2 SP2 F3 SP3 F4 SP4
EM 1010 Intro to Electronic Media X   X   X   X  
EM 2010 Electronic Media Analysis/Critera X   X   X   X  
EM 2011 Electronic Media as Business   X   X   X   X
EM 2080 Topics in Electronic media Technologies       X   X   X
EM 2090 Special Topics in Electronic media - Video X X X   X   X  
EM 2110 Audio Production - Direction X   X   X   X  
EM 2120 Intro to Multimeda Production   X   X   X   X
EM 2150 Intro to Website Design X   X   X   X  
EM 2160 Intro to Video Production   X   X   X   X
EM 2810 Intro to Digital Media X   X   X   X  
EM 2220 Aesthetics in Digital Media           X    
EM 2570 Media Sales and Advertising   X       X    
EM 2880 EM Workshop - Multimedia X X X X X X X X
EM 2890 Media Workshop X X X X X X X X
EM 2910 Radio - Television Internship X X X X X X X X