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Early Childhood Education

The Lancaster Campus offers a complete Early Childhood Education bachelor's degree program leading to teaching licensure in Pre-K through Grade 3 in Ohio. If you would like to see a sample schedule of all the courses required for the program, scroll down to "Suggested Course of Study" and click "Early Childhood Program Template."

Undergraduate Catalog

Selective Admission/Teacher Candidacy

The Early Childhood Education program has a selective admission policy that matches the requirements for Teacher Candidacy. Students interested in the program must meet the criteria for Teacher Candidacy. The requirements include the following:

30 semester hours which include but are not limited to:

  • ENG1510, MATH1101
  • EDEC1001, EDEC1600
  • One Science with lab (Life, Earth, or Physical Science)
  • HIST2010 or POLS1010
  • A minimum of "C" or better in all of the above six courses
  • A minimum of overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A minimum score of 21 on ACT; or 990 on SAT; or
  • Scores of 162 or above in Writing, 156 or above in Reading, and 150 or above in Mathematics on Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

Application to Teacher Candidacy: You should apply to the Early Childhood Selective Admissions and Teacher Candidacy in the last semester you complete the requirements. The deadline for the selective admission is the last day of the semester.

You must have the following documents completed prior to your application to the ECE major and to Teacher Candidacy:

  1. Complete your BCI & FBI finger prints and have the reports sent to Janis Smeltzer, the Clinical Experience Coordinator at OUL.
  2. Complete your TB skin test and send the negative TB report to Janis Smeltzer
  3. If you will take a sophomore clinical course in the following semester, complete your medical/physical and send the form to Janis Smeltzer.

Application to Advanced Standing: Advanced standing status is required to take any 300-level methods course. You may apply toward the end of the semester that you complete all the requirements for Advanced Standing status. Valid BCI & FBI are required. Always review your DARS to see where you stand and what you need to fulfill as of the requirements.

Professional Internship in Teaching Application: You are required to submit the Professional Internship in Teaching Application by Oct. 1 of the academic year prior to your intended internship year. The form can be found toward the bottom of the website. Because you have to complete two internships, send one copy to Athens for your Primary Internship (EDPL4580, 4590, 4650) and one copy to Dr. Cao for your Pre-Primary Internship (EDPL4910 & EDPL4670). The Primary Internship will be Athens tuition.

Advising FAQs, Forms and Other Documents


There are three clinical experiences (EDEC2001, EDEC3002, EDEC3003) that are designed to maximize the experience for early childhood teacher candidates in the program. To be eligible for a clinical experience, you must be admitted to Early Childhood Major and Teacher Candidacy. You will need to get your BCI/FBI reports as well as medical statement [PDF] before the semester starts. Please contact Janis Smeltzer at 740-681-3328, or email: smeltzer@ohio.edu, or visit her office at Room 335 Brasee Hall, for the required documents and placement for your clinical experiences.

EDEC2001: Be prepared to commit a minimum of 40 hours per semester (one half day a week and two semesters consecutively) for your Sophomore/Preschool Clinical (EDEC2001) when you take the following courses: EDEC2100, EDEC2300, EDEC2500, EDEC3610, EDEC3700, EDEC3801. You will take these six courses in at least two semesters and complete 40 hours in each semester in a different preschool classroom/program to prepare yourself for your Pre-primary Professional Internship in your senior year.

EDEC3002 & EDEC3003: You must be accepted in Advanced Standing to take these courses. Be prepared to commit a minimum of 80 hours for each of your Junior/Primary Grades Clinical when you take the following courses: EDEC3110, EDEC3120, EDEC3300, EDEC3400, EDEC3500, EDEC4300, EDEC4500, and EDTE3710. You complete the junior clinicals a semester before you start your senior year plan.

These three clinical experiences (EDEC2001, EDEC3002, EDEC3003) are repeatable and must be registered when you take any of the above mentioned courses.

OAE Assessments: All Early Childhood Licensure assessments will be through Ohio Assessment for Educators. The assessment codes are 001 for the Pedagogical Knowledge Assessment, 012 for the Content Knowledge Assessment and 090 Foundations of Reading. You should take them after you have completed your methods courses and are ready to start your professional internships or during your internships.

Reading Endorsement: After completing the Early Childhood undergraduate degree, you may take the required courses toward a reading endorsement at graduate level.

4th and 5th Grade Early Childhood Endorsement: After you have completed your early childhood education degree, you may be able to add 4th- and 5th-grade teaching endorsement to your Pre-K through 3rd Grade teacher license by completing an online Early Childhood Generalist program at graduate level.

For program advising, contact Dr. Cao or Dr. Dunning according to your DARS report. For course selection advising, please always review your own DARS and make a list of the courses that you have the prerequisite for and that meet your schedule before bringing it to your advisor.

Suggested Course of Study

This ECE Program Template [PDF] is for Lancaster students only. This suggested program template is to guide you through the degree/program completion in four years. If you are not able to take all the suggested courses during a semester or you are off the chart, you may pick up some courses in summer or in later semesters when they are offered. Most courses in Year 1 and Year 2 are offered every semester which give you some flexibility in course selection. Please note that you may not take courses that require Teacher Candidacy (in BOLD) or Advanced Standing status without being admitted. To be sure that you have the most updated and accurate information, go to Athens ECE Site.

Contact Person

Qiuping Cao

Debra Dunning

Information About the Faculty

Qiuping Cao Coordinator, Early Childhood Program Ph. D. State University of New York Buffalo 505 Brasee Hall 740-681-3364 cao@ohio.edu
Debra Dunning Associate Professor of Instruction Ph. D. The Ohio State University 342 Brasee Hall 740-681-3373 dunning@ohio.edu
Janis Smeltzer Clinical Experience Coordinator   335 Brasee Hall 740-681-3328 smeltzer@ohio.edu
Dr. Joyce Thompson Primary Professional Internship Supervisor   335 Brasee Hall 740-681-3329 thompj15@ohio.edu

Links to Professional/Student Organizations

Ohio Department of Education Teacher Licensure
National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAEYC for Families