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Communication Studies

The core courses combine theory and practice as students study the historical and conceptual foundations of the field of communication. An historical understanding of communication theory is useful but insufficient in a globally competitive world, so the major in communication studies also equips students with the competencies most prized by employers including strong oral and written communication, effective interpersonal and group communication skills, critical thinking, meeting planning, and problem-solving/decision-making.


Contact Person

Dr. Candice Thomas-Maddox, Ed. D.

Information About the Faculty

Candice Thomas-Maddox Professor Ed.D., West Virginia University 504 Brasee Hall Ext. 13363
Nicole Blau Associate Professor Ph. D., The University of Kentucky 538 Brasee Hall Ext. 13379
Anne Greenleaf Instructor   Brasee Hall
Beth Hawks Instructor M.A., Ohio University Brasee Hall
Pamela Kaylor Professor of Instruction Ph.D., Ohio University 527 Brasee Hall Ext. 13372
Esther Rodriguez Instructor M.A., The Ohio State University Brasee Hall
Shiane Swinehart Instructor M.B.A., Capital University Brasee Hall

Tentative Semester Planner Information

Subject Course Name F1 SP1 F2 SP2 F3 SP3 F4 SP4
COMS 1010 Fundamentals of Human Communication X X X X X X X X
COMS 1020 Introduction to Communication Studies X   X   X   X  
COMS 1030 Fundamentals of Public Speaking X X X X X X X X
COMS 1100 Communication Among Cultures X X X X X X X X
COMS 2020 Communication and Persuation   X   X   X   X
COMS 2040 Principles and Techniques of Interviewing X X X X X X X X
COMS 2050 Techniques of Group Discussion X X X X X X X X
COMS 2060 Communication in Interpersonal Relationships X X X X X X X X
COMS 2350 Introduction to Communication Theory X   X   X   X  
COMS 3060 Interpersonal Conflict Management X   X   X   X  
COMS 3400 Introduction to Health Communication   X   X   X   X
COMS 3420 Field Research Methods in Communication   X   X   X   X
COMS 3500 Introduction to Organizational Communication X   X   X   X  
COMS 3520 Empirical Research Applications in Communication X   X   X   X  
COMS 3600 Introduction to Communication in Public Advocacy   X   X   X   X
COMS 3620 Rhetorical Analysis and Criticism   X   X   X   X
COMS 4050 Meeting and Conference Planning   X   X   X   X
COMS 4200 Gender and Communication   X       X   X
COMS 4410 Communication in the Family X   X   X   X  
COMS 4510 Instructional Training and Development in Communication X   X   X   X  
COMS 4800 Capstone Seminar in Communication   X   X   X   X
COMS 4910 Communication Studies Internship X X X X X X X X
COMS 4930 Independent Study X X X X X X X X