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College Credit Plus

What is College Credit Plus (CC+)?

Ohio University's Lancaster Campus is pleased to offer College Credit Plus opportunities. All interested students are encouraged to apply. The admission process for the College Credit Plus (CC+) program on any of Ohio University's regional campuses is modeled on our review process in place for degree-seeking freshman enrollment.

Admission Requirements

Successful applicants to any of Ohio University's regional campuses must be remediation-free and demonstrate a strong academic preparation to succeed in college-level coursework. For details regarding admission guidelines and remediation-free standards/placement testing, please visit:

Admission Guidelines or Placement Testing

For instructions on how to submit the College Credit Plus application and corresponding application deadlines, please visit:

Application Procedures and Deadlines

All application materials, including grade reports or high school transcript and standardized test scores, if applicable, must be received or postmarked by the following dates:

  • Summer Semester (session II only) - May 1
  • Fall Semester - June 1
  • Spring Semester - November 1

Program Requirements

All students who wish to participate in CC+ must attend an initial orientation session to acquaint themselves with the procedures, rules, and processes relating to the program and the University. Students meet with an academic advisor prior to each semester to discuss course selection. Close contact is maintained with the students' high school counselors to ensure proper course selection and participation in CC+.


Once admitted to OHIO’s CC+ program, students will be invited to register for orientation. Orientation covers several topics, including policies and procedures, deadlines, and strategies for student success in the program. Orientation is required before students can register for classes.

Orientation dates and times are listed below, but pre-registration is required to attend. If you believe you should be eligible to attend orientation and have not yet received information to register, please contact Shari Ayers, Director of Student Services, at 740-681-3333.

Orientation opportunities for students beginning coursework in the 2022 fall semester will continue through late July.

Academic Advising

After orientation, students will work with an advisor to select courses and be registered for classes. Students will be assigned an academic advisor they will work with throughout their time at Ohio University Lancaster. Any and all changes to a student’s schedule must be discussed on an individual basis with the CC+ advisor and approved by the high school counselor.

Library Services

The Lancaster Campus Library in Brasee Hall is a welcome space for reading, studying, or working in groups. CC+ students have access to millions of resources through online and on-campus tools. Library employees are available to help CC+ students find what they’re looking for, whether it’s literary criticism or a review of the latest movie. The library is also the place to go for affordable copying, printing, and laminating services.

Click here for more information on CC+ library services:

Potential Risks

There are risks involved that students should consider as they are deciding whether or not to participate. Students should talk through the pros and cons of participating with their parents or guardians and secondary counselor prior to registering for classes.

  • Students who participate initiate a permanent academic record that will follow them to any other college or university.
  • Earning poor grades could negatively impact eligibility for admission at Ohio University or at other universities as a degree seeking student.
  • Students who fail or withdraw from courses may be asked by their school districts for reimbursement for the cost of tuition and books.
  • Although certain courses are guaranteed to transfer to Ohio public institutions, they may not be accepted at private and out-of-state institutions.
  • Financial aid eligibility as a degree seeking student is based on degree completion within a certain time period. Course credits earned through the CC+ program will count in determining eligibility.
  • College courses are designed for mature audiences and may be academically and socially challenging for some students.
  • Not all college courses will satisfy high school graduation requirements.
  • Prior to enrolling in an online course, students should first ensure access to appropriate computer and internet technology. Lack of access may prevent a student from completing assignments and participating in course discussion which could negatively impact the grade earned.

General Program Information

  • Extracurricular Activities and Services:University support services necessary for students to complete coursework successfully in the university are available to you. You are expected to know and follow all rules outlined in the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct and the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog. You are still considered to be a high school student and may not become a member of university-sponsored clubs, social organizations, or athletic teams.
  • Grade Point Average:You must maintain at least a 2.00 (C) accumulative grade-point average to remain in good academic standing with the university.
  • You will be subject to the same grading standards and academic disciplinary actions as all other Ohio University students. Grades will be recorded on a permanent Ohio University academic record. Your high school may calculate your Ohio University grades with your high school grade-point average. You should be aware that courses are at the collegiate level and such coursework is more demanding than normal high school coursework in pace and content.

Course Selection and Availability

  • Admission to the CC+ program does not guarantee admission to specific courses. Ohio University must take care to give registration priority to its degree-seeking students while attempting to provide you with reasonable choices in this program. Once you have officially registered for a course, however, you will not be displaced. Courses requiring overnight travel or accommodations are not available to CC+ participants.

Accessibility Services

  • If a student has a disability and would like to request accommodations, they should contact the Student Accessibility Services office on the campus they wish to attend. To be eligible for an accommodation, students will need to complete an application for accommodation and will typically be required to submit documentation of their disability. If eligible, accommodations will be determined at an individual intake meeting with an Accessibility Coordinator.

Degree-Seeking Student Status

  • Admission to the CC+ does not guarantee your subsequent admission to Ohio University as a degree-seeking student. Under the CC+, you are admitted as a non-degree student. If you wish to attend Ohio University beyond high school graduation and/or earn an Ohio University degree, you must complete the freshman application, pay any required application processing fees, submit required credentials, and meet deadline dates.

College Level Credit

  • You will receive full credit toward Ohio University graduation for all courses taken while enrolled in the CC+. You cannot earn a degree, however, until you have been admitted as a degree-seeking student. Credit earned may be transferred to other post-secondary institutions at the discretion of those institutions.

Academic Calendar

  • Since Ohio University is on the semester system, the university academic calendar may not correspond directly with the calendar of your local school district. As a result, starting and ending dates may not be the same as those of your school district.


  • The responsibility of monitoring your attendance will rest primarily with your school district. In general, you will be treated like all other university students with regard to attendance. You must realize that university students are treated as adults with regard to such responsibilities and you will also be assumed to be capable of handling such responsibility.

Other Resources

For More Information, Contact:

Shari Ayers
Director | Office of Student Services
1570 Granville Pike
Lancaster, OH  43130