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Ohio University Lancaster Campus has a number of advisors to help students navigate their way through their education.  These advisors have knowledge of the courses required for the degree programs they advise, knowledge of the Schedule of Classes, and knowledge of outside resources (i.e., tutoring, career counseling, etc.).  As a result, they are instrumental in helping students successfully plan their academic program, review course selections, and monitor and evaluate progress toward their educational goals.

Advisors are also available to assist students with any difficulties or obstacles they may encounter (i.e., academic difficulties, goal setting, referrals for personal problems, etc.).

Choosing a Major

You are not alone if you are an "Undecided" student. Twenty-five percent of OHIO students begin as undecided. It is okay to be undecided;  however, it takes time to collect the information to make a careful choice of major.  Additionally, it's difficult to stay motivated to go to class and earn the best possible grades if you don't have a clear goal.  This is why the Student Services staff at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington encourages you to begin the process of research and self-reflection early and throughout your academic career.  The following PowerPoint presentation is used in undecided student workshops and is a good tool for beginning the process of selecting a major that fits.

Undecided Workshop [PPT]

Undecided Workshop [PDF]

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