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Faculty Secretaries

Faculty Secretaries

Contact Information:

Amber Landis, Records Management Associate, 740-681-3345,

Heidi West, Administrative Services Associate, 740-681-3346,

During the academic year, Amber’s hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  Fran’s hours are 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

The faculty secretaries are available to serve the secretarial needs of all teaching faculty, both full time and adjunct, in Lancaster. The following guidelines have been developed so everyone can be served more effectively and efficiently.

Work can be submitted to the faculty secretaries’ offices in rooms 305 or 306 or sent by email to If there is work to be submitted while the secretaries’ offices are closed, you may complete a Faculty Secretary Work Order form and place the work in the mailbox marked Faculty Secretaries located in the campus mailroom/copier room.  Work order forms are available in the mailroom/copier room and are on the campus webpage.

1.    Work requests may also be sent to Fran and Amber at the e-mail address listed above.



2.    Please do not send students from your class and expect immediate service. Also never give students your copier code and send them down to do copying for you. Under no circumstances are students allowed to use the staff copiers.



3.     Classroom support materials are given priority according to the requested completion date and order in which work was submitted.

4.     The faculty secretary should not be used for tasks other than secretarial services. If there are any questions on what her assigned duties are, please contact your division coordinator.

5.    Policy prevents secretaries from doing private clerical work during working hours. If you wish to employ secretarial service, it should be done on a private basis.
6.    Unless otherwise specified,
    a.    completed work for faculty with offices in Brasee Hall will be delivered
    b.    completed work for faculty with offices in Herrold Hall will be put in their mailboxes
    c.    adjunct  faculty work will be left in their mailboxes and exams will be sealed in envelopes

    Copy jobs that are too large to fit in a mailbox will be marked with the faculty member’s name and placed on top of the mailbox shelves.

7.     If you choose to do your own photocopying, you may do so on the machines located in the mailroom by entering your department code for access. If you do not know your code, please contact one of the faculty secretaries or the Information Office.

8.    Faculty who have a procurement card and would prefer to not use the Concur software system may designate Amber as their Concur delegate. As the assigned delegate, she will be able to make travel arrangements as well as create expense reports for purchasing card transactions. The cardholder will be responsible for turning in all receipts (within 10 days) to Amber so that she can create an expense report which the faculty member will need to submit through the Concur system.  Remember:  Delegating does not remove your responsibility to agree to the OHIO Policy statement and submit your reports for approval.