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Esports Club Launches At Ohio University Lancaster January 21

Esports Club Launches At Ohio University Lancaster January 21

by Dylan James, Marketing Assistant


Ohio University Lancaster's newest student organization is the Esports Club with its kickoff meeting scheduled in the first floor student organization room on Tuesday, January 21 at 5:00 p.m.


Helmed by President Ethan Seifert, the newfound Esports Club’s inception was more or less accidental. In a Communications class being taught by Professor Candice Thomas-Maddox, a classroom exercise was set in motion encouraging all students to bring forth hypothetical ideas that could help improve campus life at Ohio University Lancaster. Seifert recalls what happened next. “I yelled out ‘Esports Club’ as a half joke thinking nothing would come of it, but to my surprise, Candice said, ‘You know, that’s a great idea. My boys are into competitive video games and I think that’s something we could actually get here on campus’. So, I got in contact with her and she helped me get the club off of the ground and now here we are actually doing it.”


The Club is in its early stages of development and meetings currently consist of members planning out what games they want to play and who will lead teams for specific games. Seifert is currently responsible for organizing group meetings and events, the mailing list, maintaining their discord server as well as promoting the Club itself but this is truly no hassle for him. A longtime passionate fan of competitive gaining, his dream of being a part of collegiate Esports has now come to fruition thanks to his own dedication in moving the Esports Club forward.


The group also created a discord, a voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both desktop and phones, for anybody to join and find people to play games with or If you have any questions about the Esports Club. The discord is open to anyone here:  https://discord.gg/s3H5bBQ


“I have never started a club before,” Seifert shares, “and jumping into this was a bit of a nerve-racking experience but thanks to the great faculty and students who have helped me get the group started up, it has gone extremely smooth and I am really thankful for all of them. For any student who might be interested, I honestly cannot stress enough to come to a meeting and give us a shot. I don’t think you’ll regret it.”


For more information on the Esports Club or if you’re interested in joining, contact Ethan Seifert at es068618@ohio.edu.