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Eight Outstanding Students Honored at Ohio University Lancaster

Eight Outstanding Students Honored at Ohio University Lancaster

by Dylan James, Marketing 


Ohio University Lancaster announced its Outstanding Students for Fall Semester. These students are Brody Brill, Jayden Egler, Mikayla Julien, Katy Keys, Crissy Nelson, Samantha Shepherd, Lucas Stemen and Anessa Trussell.


Outstanding Students are selected based on their dedication in and out of the classroom, and given the hectic nature of life as a college student and all that is juggled at once, the praise comes as affirmation after countless hours of hard work. This is a sentiment that English double major Egler shares.


“Outside of academics, I juggle quite a few responsibilities.” Egler explains. “I work as a waitress, do freelance makeup, commission artwork and focus on various creative pursuits. There’s obviously my family and social life to account for as well. I try my best to keep a good balance going. This praise feels incomprehensible and means the world to me.”


Other Outstanding Students are equally as busy as Egler. Nelson is the Ohio University Lancaster Alpha Phi Sigma Vice President as well as the President of the L.E.T. Us Help student organization. Keys has a part time job serving in Ohio Air National Guard. Brill is the President of the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, and Stemen is a full-time hospital worker.


Living busy lives, it’s not uncommon for students to fall behind in their studies. Julien, current Vice President of the Ohio University Lancaster OSEA Chapter, shares what has made her successful in the classroom and further cemented her as a Fall Semester Outstanding Student.


“I feel that my time management, organization, and overall drive to excel at all I do is what helps me to be successful in the classroom.” Julien shares. “I also believe that the support that I receive from my family and particularly my husband helps me to be successful as well. The professors at OUL are wonderful and make learning very enjoyable and are so invested in us as students, and I feel that they also have a hand in my success as a student.”


As Spring Semester is underway, students are back to class and some are perhaps dedicating themselves to earn upcoming Outstanding Student honors. With that in mind, congratulations once again to the Outstanding Students for the Fall Semester


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