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CANCELLED-Artist Dan Welden Headlining Wilkes Gallery Exhibition

CANCELLED-Artist Dan Welden Headlining Wilkes Gallery Exhibition

by Dylan James, Marketing Assistant

The Raymond S. Wilkes Gallery at Ohio University Lancaster is currently showcasing “Heart and Hand, Printmaking Then and Now.” The exhibition is a collection of artist prints from the Kennedy Museum in Athens and contemporary Printmakers working with new technology. The exhibition features prominent printmakers including, Jim Dine, George Segal, Nancy Graves, John Buck, Yvonne Jacquette, Lesley Dill, Will Barnet, Rudy Pozzatti, David True, Judy Plaff, and Terrence la Noue.


“I have contrasted the prints from the Kennedy with the innovative solar plate technology of Dan Welden, said Trisha Clifford-Sprouse, Wilkes Gallery Curator and adjunct art faculty for Ohio University Lancaster. “In addition to Welden’s work, is a group of prints from local contemporary artists making prints using the environmental and health conscious methods developed by Welden.”


Dan Welden is an artist at the forefront of the alternative health and safety-oriented movement of printmaking and originator of a technique called Solarplate. With over 50 years of artmaking experience, Welden’s work has been exhibited in 80 solo and 700 group exhibitions spanning five continents and his work can also be found in many public and private collections. In regard to his creative process that has fueled this success, Welden shares what motivates him most.


“The most inspirational things that come to me are usually contained in the activity of creation.” Welden explains. “As a process-oriented person, I’m driven by experimentation, exploration and taking the unknown pathway.  I’m not always this way; today I am, tomorrow I may feel differently.”


Welden is also helming two artist workshops: Intro to Solarplate Printing which is being held on March 11th and Advanced Solarplate Printing which will be spanning March 11th to the 13th. Both workshops will be held at Ohio University Lancaster’s Herrold Hall in Room 127. Additionally, a Lecture and Artist Reception will take place at the Raymond S. Wilkes Gallery on March 12th from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. The lecture and reception are free admission but the workshops are not.


Welden is looking forward to the workshops and seeing everyone who comes out. “The people are key.” Welden expresses. “I also appreciate the many surprises, smiles and joy that the process brings and am so appreciative of the participants who gravitate to making more prints.”


For more information on the art exhibition and workshops, contact Trisha Clifford-Sprouse at clifforr@ohio.edu.