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Fast Facts for Great Lakes Paid Internship Program

Student Eligibility


To be eligible, student must:APPbutton

  1. Be junior or senior class status (60+ credit hours by the end of semester before your internship
  2. Meet financial aid criteria.  Your application will be reviewed by the financial aid office to determine eligibility.  Eligible students must have completed the FAFSA.
  3. Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  4. Be interested in completing a project-based internship that requires planning the internship with an intern partner before the internship begins.
  5. Participate in a one (1) credit pre internship “Planning your Internship” workshop.


Can be:justicehall

  1. Any student who meets all of the eligibility requirements listed above, and:
    1. Has an internship requirement for graduation
    2. Has an internship course in your major that can be taken as an elective
    3. Does not have an internship course within the program can be taken as an elective (In this case, the student will enroll in SAM 3910 Internship Experience.
  2. Students can participate in this paid internship program even if they have already completed an internship class/requirement
  3. Students can complete more than one internship (one per semester) in this program
  4. Interns complete 120 hours of internship work averaging 7-9 hours in 15 weeks or 14-18 in 7 weeks of project work per week at a wage rate between $18.61-20.00 per hour.


Internships CANNOT be:

  1. Full time/40 hour per week internships
  2. Student teaching, social work practicums, nursing practicums, or any co-op opportunity.  These are professional, semester-long work experiences during which students typically do not take classes.  While students in majors that traditionally offer these experiences are eligible, they must be enrolled in one of the Great Lakes Internship classes or enroll in an additional internship course during practicum semester.
  3. Work completed for a political campaigns or religious ministry.  Projects based for faith-based organizations are acceptable (just not ministry activities).


Next Steps:

  1. Review your academic program requirements to determine if this internship opportunity will “fit” as a requirement or elective for your program of study
  2. Contact Professor Hoyt if you have questions and to request an application (
  3. Make sure you cc your academic advisor or internship coordinator on your e-mail to Professor Hoyt
  4. Submit your completed Application to Professor Hoyt (, and he will provide instructions and additional details for the pre-internship workshop, internship planning, wage rates, registration information, and other details.