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Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services At OHIO

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to ensure equal opportunity and access for members of the Ohio University community. Central to this mission is the development of an academic environment that is accessible to all people without the need for adaptation. While working toward the goal of full inclusion, accommodations must still be provided on an individual basis.

Eligibility and Registration

To be eligible for Student Accessibility Services, a student must:

  • submit disability documentation (as described below) and a completed Application for Accessibility Services;
  • receive notification from an Accessibility Coordinator (AC) that you are eligible;
  • schedule and attend an intake appointment with your assigned Accessibility Coordinator

During the intake meeting the student and Accessibility Coordinator will determine accommodations and also discuss assistive technology or potential support services around campus that may be of assistance to the student.


Accessibility Coordinators review documentation and determine eligibility according to the framework of the American's with Disabilities Act Amendment Act and in accordance with the professional standards of the Association of Higher Education and Disability. There is no "exact formula" of how to document or determine a disability; however here are the things we look for in documentation:

  • there is a chronic physical or mental condition that has been diagnosed
  • evidence that the condition significantly impacts one or more major life activity (such as seeing, learning, standing, etc.)
  • provided by a medical, mental health, or educational professional qualified to diagnose, evaluate, and treat the condition
  • demonstrates a history of accommodation
  • impact on current functioning
  • supports the accommodations being requested

Contact Information

Heather Cameron
OHIO Lancaster, Accessibility Coordinator
Brasee Hall 331
Office: 740.681.3325
Fax: 740.593.0790
Email: cameronh@ohio.edu

What is an Accessibility Coordinator and how will they work with me?

The Accessibility Coordinator is the primary person who will determine eligibility for accommodations, assist you in identifying technology or equipment that may assist in your learning, and help you connect to campus resources that support your success and development. The Accessibility Coordinator will also assist faculty in understanding accommodations if questions arise or assist you in resolving concerns with faculty implementation of your accommodations.

What accommodations and services will SAS provide?

There are no "standard" accommodations. All accommodations will be determined specific to the individual during the intake appointment. For a general sense of accommodations and services, please see our separate handouts.

Is my disability information confidential?

Yes. It is confidential and separate from your academic record. You must sign a release of information for Student Accessibility Services to be able to discuss your disability information with others on campus, off campus, or your parents/guardian.

When should I contact Student Accessibility Services?

Student Accessibility Services strongly encourages students to schedule a meeting with an Accessibility Coordinator when initially visiting campus. We recommend sending your documentation to the appropriate Accessibility Coordinator at your campus once you have been admitted.