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Ohio University’s Regional Campuses are committed to being a strong partner to local business and industry, offering flexible, customizable solutions for a variety of workforce/training needs. Workforce Development provides workforce trainings and custom programs to meet the unique needs of business, industry, and small employers. Our focus is to strengthen existing workforce skills, provide education and training for the future workforce and support community development initiatives that impact workforce development in our regions.

Ohio University’s Workforce Development can provide:

  • Customized workforce training for your workers on our campus or at your corporate sites. Training is affordable, quality-driven and taught by qualified professionals.
  • Professional development in a variety of fields for workers who need to maintain certification or licensure for employment.
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs and innovators to help provide training and referrals in the best interest of helping advance your business.
  • Access to strategic partnerships which focus on leveraging resources and cost-effective training.

If your company has a specific need to improve the skills of employees, Ohio University can help.

Fall 2021 Classes Available

Fall classes start on August 23rd and ends December 11th.

Basic Electronics | ENGT 1200
Monday & Wednesday 4:30pm to 7:20pm

Introductory knowledge of electricity and solid-state electronics. Basic electrical terms, units, symbols, schematics, and code. Prerequisite of entry level Math assessment needed before enrollment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn the fundamentals of alternating current and direct current
  • Students will learn Ohm’s Law, inductance and capacitance theory
  • Students will learn about series and parallel networks, solid state theory and applications
  • Students will be introduced to computers and microprocessors
  • Cost per student: $920 plus cost of course materials
Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics | ENGT 2200
Tuesday 4pm to 6:50pm/Thursday 5pm to 6:50pm

Introduction to the application of hydraulic and pneumatic principles to common industrial control circuits, emphasizing maintenance of hardware and circuitry. Prerequisite of entry level Math assessment needed before enrollment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn schematics, symbols and main components of hydraulic and pneumatics systems
  • Students will create hydraulic and pneumatic circuits
  • Students will learn Pascal’s law, and learn fluid power calculations
  • Students will learn types of fluids, viscosity, filtration, and general system maintenance
  • Cost per student: $690 plus cost of course materials
Safety Management | ENGT 2870
Monday 12pm to 12:50pm in person, plus online time

Course studies OSHA regulations, including OSHA 30-hour general industry regulations, and other safety programs related to manufacturing environment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn to perform Job safety analysis
  • Students will learn to identify and use proper PPE
  • Students will learn to perform accident prevention and emergency planning
  • Cost per student: $690 plus cost of course materials
Engineering Graphics | ET 1100
Online Course

Course studies basic theory and practice in engineering drawing. Topics include geometric construction, orthographic projection, dimensioning, and auxiliary and section views.

Learning outcomes:

  • Read, sketch, and use a CAD system to construct basic engineering drawings
  • Use basic functions of CAD for both two dimensional drawings and three dimensional models
  • Read and understand multi-view and isometric drawings
  • Cost per student: $ 460 plus cost of course materials

How to apply

Students may take the above classes for credit if they'd like to use the credits for a future degree or certificate program. Students will need to enroll as non-degree seeking students at least 2 weeks prior to the start of courses.



Paper forms may be requested from Ron Cullums and filled out and returned 2 weeks prior to the start of courses. He can be reached at 740-681-3341.

For non-credit options, please contact Mike Ulmer at 740-331-1788.

Employer Sponsored Students

Employers may use the Ohio University Sponsored Students process to pay for the employees taking the training.

Contact Mike Ulmer at 740-331-1788 for additional assitance.

Employers also have the ability to use the state’s TechCred program to be eligible to have 100% of the training costs reimbursed at successful completion of the training. For more information on the TechCred program contact Mike Ulmer at 740-331-1788.


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