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Class Cancellation Announcement Procedures

Visit for a list of individual class cancellations.  Read below for campus-wide cancellation procedures.





When classes are cancelled campus-wide in Lancaster or Pickerington due to severe winter weather or other exceptional situations, an official announcement will be posted at the OUL|P homepages and, recorded in OUL|P phone message system (call 740.654.6711 or 614.367.9371) and emailed to OHIO accounts as quickly as the circumstances allow. Emergency texts and emails will be sent to everyone who is signed up to receive the notifications. If you want to make sure you are signed up to get the notifications, you need to make sure your contact information is entered correctly with Ohio University by using the “Receive Notification” link at


The announcement will specify the following information:


  • Date of cancellation
  • Specific time when classes are cancelled or all day
  • Location: Lancaster and/or Pickerington Center


When classes have not been cancelled campus-wide, the "Class Cancellations" Quick Link at the campus homepage lists any particular classes that have been cancelled.


Announcements will generally be made two hours in advance of a change due to rapidly changing winter weather or most typically by:


6:30AM for morning classes (starting before noon)

10:30AM for afternoon classes (starting from noon to 5:00PM) and

3:30PM for evening classes (starting after 5:00PM).


Special events are also automatically cancelled during campus-wide cancellations or closings unless specifically noted on our web site.


Media venues will announce campus-wide class cancellation information. The correctness of their broadcasts cannot be guaranteed and should be double-checked against the Ohio University Lancaster and Pickerington web pages, OUL App Alert page or campus phone message system when possible.


Since road conditions may vary substantially around the area, students should use their own judgment about the commute when their classes are not cancelled. Student safety is always our first concern.  However, missed class work must be made up in consultation with the professor. Consultation with your professor before your absence is highly recommended.






On occasion, a professor may be unable to conduct a class due to professional travel, illness, unexpected personal reasons, or weather related travel conditions specific to their location. It is expected that professional travel needs will be known and announced in advance to the class.  Weather related class cancellations are delegated to the Dean by the President and classes are to be held unless cancelled by the Dean.  However, as safety is a primary concern, occasionally faculty must cancel an individual class (ideally with 2 hours’ notice) if weather conditions at their home, office or vehicle dictate.  Faculty are encouraged to incrementally cancel classes and, therefore, wait 2-3 hours before a class to assess current conditions related to their travel before cancelling class.


If a faculty member should cancel an individual class for any reason, the faculty member must email the distribution list “Lancaster Cancelled Section” ( and their students.  Upon receiving such notification, the Faculty Support Offices post an official cancellation at the campus homepage under “Class Cancellations”. Students enrolled in cancelled classes are advised to check OHIO email and Blackboard prior to coming to class on days with inclement weather for possible cancellations and any special instructions from the professor. Students should contact the associate dean with any concerns about cancelled class notifications.


Students who cannot access the web at home are advised to ask a friend in class for a phone call when their mutual class is cancelled.


Dr. James Smith, Dean

Ohio University Lancaster Campus/Pickerington Center

April 13, 2016