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Bob's Bobcat Bistro

Bob's Bobcat Bistro

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday | 10 am to 3 pm

Friday | 10 am to 1 pm

Online Ordering 

Bob's Bobcat Bistro is on DoorDash for carryout orders that can be delivered to your home.

If you are on campus, the best way to avoid lines and have your food/beverage made before or after your classes is Toast TakeOut. Simply scan the QR code below or visit, pick your menu items, and set a pickup time. You may also call Bob's Bobcat Bistro by dialing 740.681.2631. It's food you love, without the wait!

Bob's QR

Grab N' Go

The grab n’ go stand is up and running in Bob’s Bobcat Bistro on the first floor of Brasee Hall. This is a convenient way to pick up your favorites like juices, energy drinks, soda pop, water and much more. There are even items like packaged muffins and salads.

About Bob's Bobcat Bistro

Bob and Maggie Bennett's (owners) story started in their own backyard where they hosted friends and family, weekend after weekend, for an entire summer trying to perfect their barbeque style. Being a physicist by education, Bob loved the science of smoking meat, and it eventually became a passion. Bob self-taught by studying pit-master processes from all over the country. As with every successful cook, Bob and Maggie's friends and family encouraged them to start a business. Once the smoking process was consistent week after week, they decided to take the leap and start a food truck business. They knew friends and family liked their food, but they weren’t sure people would actually pay for their food!

After a couple years of running the food truck and building a following, they outgrew the production space on the truck and created Bob's Backyard Barbeque in Downtown Lancaster, Ohio. This is where they shared their love of BBQ with their hometown community! The business continued to grow and thrive during the pandemic and the demand for good, homemade food remained strong. Today, Bob and Maggie are looking to expand their reach and bring their passion for cooking to a larger audience. 

The OHIO Connection

Bob and Maggie Bennett have a personal connection to Ohio University Lancaster. Some of their fondest memories are walking up the steps of Brasee Hall and meeting up with friends in downtown Lancaster. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the 1st floor Bistro set vacant with an unknown future. Bob and Maggie saw the potential of this space and understood the need for an onsite restaurant that would meet the needs of students and the surrounding area. 

To learn more about Bob's family of restaurants, visit Bob's Backyard Barbeque