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Student Guidelines

Testing Center

Student Guidelines

Expectations/Standards of Academic Honesty

  • Photo ID required (you must sign-in with proctor).
  • Cell phones MUST be turned OFF (not on vibrate/quiet settings) before arriving at testing center.
  • Refer to professor/instructor information for materials/aids/technology approved for use during the exam.­ Professor/instructor guidelines prevail.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU ARE BEING MONITORED, either electronically and/or by the proctor.­ If caught cheating, an incident report will be provided to your instructor.
  • Personal items: books, bookbags, purses, etc., must be placed in provided space or lockers, unless specified by the instructor.
  • No headphones, USB devices, iPods, or other electronic devices may be used during testing unless specified by the instructor.
  • No other materials are permitted during testing, ex: calculators, notes, graphs, etc., unless specified by the instructor.
  • NO BREAKS are permitted during testing, unless otherwise specified by your instructor. Once you are seated, you are NOT permitted to change seats.­
  • QUIET PLEASE - NO TALKING in the testing lab.­ If you have questions about your test, please make a note on the test itself and ask your instructor later.­ The Testing Center staff is NOT authorized to answer questions regarding material covered on your exam.
  • When leaving - be sure to see the proctor to turn in your completed test, any scrap paper, sign out, and collect your personal items, etc. When the center is unexpectedly closed (i.e. bad weather or other emergency), please contact the testing center to reschedule your exam.
  • No children are allowed to remain in the testing center lab.
  • Students must arrange make-up exams(s) with their instructor BEFORE contacting the OUL Testing Center.­ Some instructors allow students to take make-up exams for Lancaster classes in the OU Pickerington Center Testing Center or exams for Pickerington classes in the OUL Testing Center.­ Please inquire with your instructor.
  • Exams must be completed by the posted closing time.­ It is your responsibility to give yourself enough time to complete the exam(s) before closing time; the center cannot remain open.


­Academic Misconduct – Dishonesty or deception in fulfilling academic requirements. It includes, but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, unpermitted collaboration, forged attendance (when attendance is required), fabrication (e.g., use of invented information or falsification of research or other findings), using advantages not approved by the instructor (e.g., unauthorized review of a copy of an exam ahead of time), knowingly permitting another student to plagiarize or cheat from one’s work, or submitting the same assignment in different courses without consent of the instructor. Note: An instructor may impose a grade penalty for academic misconduct and/or file a judicial referral to facilitate possible expulsion from the University.

Failure to comply with the policies set by the OUL|P Testing Centers and your instructor will result in the possible collection/termination of your test and an incident report provided to your instructor.