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Instructor Guidelines

  • The Testing Center appreciates 24 hours notice for upcoming tests. 
    • NOTE: During finals weeks, we may not be able to accommodate late callers or walk-ins.
  • The Center proctors exams for students with documented disabilities, students taking online/blended or arranged/independent study classes, and students completing make-up exams.  Student must arrange a make-up exam with the instructor BEFORE contacting the Testing Center.
    • If a student requires more time or special arrangements, please provide this information to the Testing Center
  • Make students aware of photo ID requirements (any type of photo ID) and of Testing Center's hours of operation.
  • When leaving tests for the Testing Center, include an Instructor Form with the exam(s) or provide the following information (via email or written on the exam). 
    • Password for exam (if on Blackboard or another internet site) or the paper exam (attach to email).  You may leave exam information in the Testing Center mailbox.  Note: Staff need to remain in the Testing Center while exams are being proctored; therefore, mail may only be picked up first thing in the morning and lunch time.
    • Names of ALL students who will take the test.
    • Course and course number.
    • Use of pen, pencil, scantrons, or blue book.  The center has a supply of blue books and scantrons available.
    • Items permitted to use, i.e. calculator, textbook, notes, etc.  Only those materials identified will be permitted during testing.
    • Time limit for the test (60, 120 minutes, etc.)
    • Last date the test may be taken.
  • The Testing Center strictly adheres to the directions from the instructor.  Make sure students are aware of Instructor guidelines on what items/technology may be used for the exam as well as dates exam is available.
    • If a student argues a different perspective and becomes disruptive to the testing center environment, the student will be permitted to use the aids requested or have more time and the testing center staff will send the instructor an email informing of the discrepancy.
  • Completed exams will be put in a sealed envelope and placed in the instructor’s mailbox in the OU Lancaster secure mailroom.  Exams for other OU campuses will be placed in the mail or scanned and emailed to the instructors (per instructions from the instructor).
  • Due to staffing numbers, the Testing Center staff is NOT capable of leaving the center to acquire a test from you in your office/classroom or to deliver tests directly to you.
  • The Testing Center is NOT available for entire class testing due to limited spacing.  Please understand that the Testing Center should not serve as a substitute for in-class testing.