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Advisor List

If you do not know who your academic advisor is, please consult your My.Ohio page or Student Services. Offices for advisors are located in Lancaster. Campus academic advisors by subject matter are generally as follows:


Accounting Technology
Prof. Becker,
Student Services,
Associate in Arts / Associate in Science
Student Services,
Associate in Individualized Studies
Ms. Jeffers,
Bachelor Science of Applied Management
Prof. Hoyt,
Bachelor of Specialized Studies
Ms. Jeffers,
Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies
Prof. Becker,
Business Management Technology
Prof. Hoyt,
Prof. Middleton,
Child Development
Dr. Cao,
Dr. Dunning,
Communication Studies
Dr. Thomas-Maddox,
Computer Science Technology
Prof. Wolfe,
Dr. Zhang,
Criminal Justice
Dr. Steele,
Deaf Studies & Interpreting
Dr. Brooks,
Education, Early Childhood
Dr. Cao,
Dr. Dunning,
Education, Middle Childhood English & Secondary English
Dr. Wanat,
Education, Middle Childhood Math & Secondary Math
Dr. Guerriero,
Education, Middle Childhood Social Studies & Secondary Social Studies
Dr. Nevin,
Education, Middle Childhood Science & Secondary Science
Dr. Faber,
Dr. Kline,
Electronic Media
Prof. Newman,
Engineering Technology
Lecturer Orr,
English, Creative Writing
Dr. Minar,
Geography / Geological Sciences
Student Services,
Health Services Administration
Prof. Shea,
Dr. Nevin,
Dr. Wang,
Human Services Technology
Lecturer Ashton,
Dr. Minar,
Student Services,
Law Enforcement Technology
Lecturer Taylor,
Materials Management Certificate Program
Lecturer Orr,
Dr. Guerriero,
Medical Assisting Technology
Lecturer Boles,
Dr. Faber,
Dr. Kline,
Office Technology Certificate Program
Student Services,
Dr. Summerford,
Physical Education
Student Services,
Physical Science / Physics
Dr. Doty,
Political Science
Dr. Trautman,
Student Services,
Ms. Allen,
Dr. Drumm,
Dr. Munhall,
Real Estate
Student Services,
Bacteriology / Biological Sciences/Dentistry (Bio)/Environmental & Plant Bio / Medicine (Bio) / Optometry / Physical Therapy / Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Faber,
Dr. Hill,
Sciences: Chemistry / Dentistry (Chem) / Medicine (Chem) / Pharmacy
Dr. Kline,
Social Work
Dr. Skeens,
Dr. Steele,
Lecturer Jones,
Ms. Allen, 
Ms. Lanier,
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Dr. Kaylor,
Career Services
Ms. Jeffers,