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Advising Information For Quarters to Semesters

Quarters to Semesters (Q2S)

General Information from the University's Q2S Office

During the coming months, you will hear lots of discussion about the academic-calendar transition—or, more simply stated—the change from quarters to semesters at Ohio University.

The Ohio University Board of Trustees must give final approval to the change to semesters. The three other state institutions still on quarters (Wright State University, Ohio State University, and University of Cincinnati) are also in the process of acting on the recommendation by the Ohio Board of Regents for a universal academic calendar.  To ensure the best outcome for Ohio University students and faculty in a change to semesters, the planning process for the change is underway.

As we begin the planning process there are a number of unknowns, but here are some things that Ohio University students can count on:

•Any current student, including those starting fall 2008, whose graduation will occur before the fall of 2012, should not be affected in any way by the academic calendar transition.  If you do graduate after fall 2012, you will be affected by this process and will be considered a "transition" student.
•The process is slated to take four years.  There will be no incremental changes during this time.  All of your degree requirements in place now will remain in place for the duration of the four-year planning process.  When we move to semesters, the changeover will occur all at once - at a single point in time.
•The Quarters-to-Semesters Transition Team, a group of faculty, students, and staff, has been tasked with the critical function of recommending guidelines and identifying resources that will ensure that any Ohio University transition student making acceptable progress toward a degree will not be disadvantaged by the conversion from a quarter-based calendar to semesters.
•Transition students will be fully informed of how to complete their degrees through the use of intensive advising and new technology designed for that purpose.


Lancaster Q2S Information


Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) advising for students in declared majors and Transitional Advising Plan (TAP) advising for undeclared major students are just beginning at the Lancaster Campus this winter quarter. Students should consult their My.Ohio account to determine if their Q2S advisor is their normal academic advisor in Lancaster or another advisor assigned by the department.


The Student Services Office on the third floor of Brasee can assist you with general information about the Q2S process and help you determine who your Q2S advisor. You can also print a copy of your DARS report before your Q2S advising session in the Student Services Office.


The following are particularly useful links for students, faculty and advisors!


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