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Health Technology

Health Technology-
Associate in Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science in Health Technology (AASHT) degree offers an avenue to complete an associate's degree in health care.
Students with this degree can seek entry level positions in health care then continue their education in the specialization of their choice.
The degree is a stepping stone to a Bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration or other health care related fields. 
The curriculum of the AAS in Health Technology provides the student with general courses as well as specific health care related courses that enhance their abilities to seek entry level positions in health care.

Information about the faculty

Debra G. Smith, P.T., M.A. is the director of the A.A.S. in Health Technology.  Trained as a physical therapist, Ms. Smith has been active in health care for 24 years and has taught at the college level for 14 years.  

Advising FAQs

1.  What jobs are available for this degree?

  The A.A.S. in Health Technology in and of itself does not qualify you for any particular medical job title, but is intended for those who are already working in the medical field who want to obtain a college degree.  It is an excellent introduction to the health care field and some students pursue this degree on the way to obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration.


2.  How long should it take to complete the degree?

This degree is designed to be completed in two academic years.  Many students come to Ohio University with transfer credit from other institutions that help them progress more quickly through the program.

3.  Is there a practicum in this program?

Yes, HTCH 200 (HTCH 2000 in semesters) is a practicum course that assumes the student is working in a health care setting.  However, the course can be delivered to students who do not have jobs in health care.

Contact Person

For more information contact:
Debra G. Smith, P.T., M.A.
Instructor and Program Director, Health Technology
Ohio University Lancaster Campus
1570 Granville Pike
Lancaster, OH  43130-1097
740.654.6711 or 888.446.4468 ext 218

Tentative Semester Planner Information

Course Course Name
F12 S13 F13 S14 F14 S15
HTCH 1000 Principles Health Technology X   X   X  
HTCH 1040 Law & Ethics Health Prof/Tech   X   X   X
HTCH 2000 Topics in Health Technology   X   X   X



Suggested 2 year curriculum plan for semesters:

Core General Education Requirements                   

COMS 1030 Fund. of Public Speaking
CTCH 1250 Intro to Computers
1510 Writing & Rhetoric I
1200 College Algebra
PSY 1010 General Psychology
SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology
BIOS 1030 Human Biology I
    (May take BIOS 1300/1310 INSTEAD of BIOS 1030)


Core Technical Requirements

HTCH 1000 Principles of Health Technology
HTCH 1040 Law and Ethics in Health Technology
HTCH 2000 Topics in Health Technology
MAT 1400 Medical Terminology
EXPH 2280 First Aid and CPR

Technical Requirements
Communications:  Take One of the Following                                                                                              
COMS 1100 Communication Between Cultures
2050 Techniques of Group Discussion
COMS 2060 Communications in Interpersonal Relationships

Health Organization Courses: Take One of the Following


EH 2600
Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety
HLTH 2170 Health System Organization, Financing, and Delivery
HLTH 2150 Violence in America

Business Courses: Take One of the Following


BMT 2600 Business Report Writing
2300Z Business Communication

Health Behaviors: Take Two of the Following:


NUTR 1000 Introduction to Nutrition
HLTH 2020 Introduction to Health and Lifestyle
HLTH 2700 Family and Consumer Health

Management Courses: Take One of the Following:
BMT 1100 Introduction to Management
BMT 1500 Elements of Supervision
MGT 2000 Introduction to Management

Electives             6.0

Total Semester Hours in the Program Required for Graduation   62.0