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Welcome to the History Webpage

Studying History at Ohio University Lancaster (OUL)
The study of history enables students to explore different cultures across time and space and develop the analytical abilities necessary for succeeding in our increasingly globalized society. Training in history prepares students for success in a variety of careers. According to a recent report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, history majors earn the highest salaries among undergraduates with degrees in the humanities and better salaries than a majority of students in other fields. Many history majors pursue jobs in education, museum, and library work. Others turn the critical thinking and writing skills history classes provide them into careers as lawyers, government officials, businessmen and women, journalists, and policy consultants in the nonprofit sector.


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Earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History at OUL­­­­­­ Entire degree available!

History faculty at OUL offer all the introductory and upper level courses in U.S., European, and World History that history students need to earn a B.A. in History. A complete list of history courses and requirements for the B.A. in history can be found at the Ohio University Athens Department of History webpage. For more information about the history program at OUL, please contact Professor Mark Nevin.


­Video Above: OUL Assistant Professor of History Mark Nevin spoke at a panel about the Watergate scandal at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association.


Mark Nevin



BA, History and Philosophy, State University of New York at Albany

MA, Liberal Studies, St John’s College, Annapolis, MD

PhD, American History, University of Virginia




I teach a variety of courses in American History, including the US surveys, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Progressive Era, World War Two, the Vietnam War, and the 1960s.




My main research interest is post-1945 American political history. I recently completed an article on Barry Goldwater and congressional Republicans during Watergate, which the Journal of Policy History will publish in 2017.

In 2016, I also published a history of the two nineteenth-century bridges that we have on campus. “A Tale of Two Bridges: A History of Ohio University Lancaster’s John Bright Bridges” appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of AURCO.

My current projects include: an article on the 1968 presidential election and an article on a library “read-in” in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1961.






L.A. McElweeMcElweeGreece








Greek 111     Myth, Symbol, Ritual CLWR 4810

Greek 112     Life of the Romans CLAS 480

Greek 113     Greek Tragedy CLAS 3120

Latin 111       Gods & Heroes in Greek Epic CLAS 3110

Latin 112       Classical Athens CLAS 2520

Latin 113       Greek & Latin Elements in English CLAS 227

                      Latin Literature in English CLAS 232

                      Greek Literature in English CLAS 233

                       Classical Mythology CLAS 2340

                       Scientific & Medical Terminology CLAS 2110

                       English Grammar ENG 150


HIST 3290      The Ancient Near East

HIST 3291      History of Ancient Greece

HIST 3292      History of Ancient Rome

HIST 121        Western Heritage

HIST 111        Intro to Western Civilization



The teaching philosophy of all Dr. McElwee's classes is the following:


ὁ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ


"The unexamined life is not worth living"

Sokrates, 399 BCE




Research interests include the Greek Late Bronze Age, Classical Athens, and Ancient Law. For the past few years Dr. McElwee has been working on an article entitled:


ξεvία: The Customary Law of Hospitality in the Odyssey




Law: Rome's Supreme Contribution to the West © 1999

Ancient Athenian Origins of Western Law © 1997

Precatory Language in Wills: Mere Utterances of the Sibyl? 11 Prob. L.J. 145 (1992).

The Surviving Spouse's Sacred Right to Elect Against the Will: Is it a Pyrrhic Victory? 19 Cap. U.L. Rev. 553 (1990).




Foreword  to the reprint edition of Plutarch's Pericles  (Bolchazy‑Carducci, Chicago 1984).

A Running Vocabulary to Odyssey V, 1982 (Used as a text in a Greek IV class on Homer)


Dr. McElwee has traveled extensively including: Greece 40-50 times; Italy several times; Turkey several times; Egypt several times; England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Spain, Syria, Jordan,  Palestine, Argentina.


He has led dozens of group tours, especially to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt.


Contact Person


Mark Nevin Ph. D, University of Virgina Assistant Professor 530 Brasee 740-681-3375 ­
L.A. McElwee JD, PhD, SUNY-Albany Lecturer Brasee 325 740-681-3319