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Dr. Scott Minar

107 Herrold Hall



Dr. Matt Wanat

Brasee Hall



Information about the resident faculty

Resident faculty include Assistant Professor Matt Wanat (Ph.D. American Literature, The Ohio State University) and Professor Scott Minar (Ph.D. American Literature and Creative Writing, Ohio University). Dr. Wanat also teaches Introduction to Film Studies, and Dr. Minar directs English tutoring activities on the Lancaster Campus in addition to his teaching duties.

Dan Kline


PhD, The Ohio State University

MA, University of Western Ontario

BA, University of Western Ontario


I teach the freshman and junior composition offerings as well as 2000 level courses in poetry/drama and prose fiction/non-fiction.  English 1510, 3080J, 2010 and 2020


My research interest lief in Nineteenth-Century British Literature, specifically Victorian poetry and language theory.  I also have research interests in Canadian literature.  I have presented and published papers on:  Matthew Arnold, Arthur Hugh Clough, the Victorian serenade and aubade, the literary cultures of Rugby and Oxford, Lord Byron and William Godwin.


Dr. Scott MinarScottMinar




PhD, Ohio University




I teach courses in literature, composition, and creative writing. My areas of interest are contemporary poetry, American literature, European literature, literary science writing, philosophy and literature, Holocaust literature, and literary criticism. I enjoy teaching literature as art and as a canvas for ideas and gestures.




My research is in poetry primarily, including some philosophical and applied studies of Paul Celan, Charles Simic, and Mark Strand. I have also presented papers on a number of topics, such as The Asian Death Poem, ethics and literature, religion and literature, visual art and literature, and speculative fiction and nonfiction.


Additional Information




Matt Wanat II


Dr. Matt Wanat



Ph.D., Ohio State University




My courses and topics of interest range from localism and environmental literature to late nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, women’s literature, world literature, and film genre, with special interests in the western, film noir, and seventies New Hollywood.


I have also helped coordinate campus sustainability curriculum and events, including a campus vegetable garden worked by students, the produce from which has helped to feed the hungry in Fairfield County.




My scholarship examines intersections of narrative, genre, and culture in the areas of twentieth-century American literature and cinema studies, and my scholarly interests range from western American literature and film to Appalachian studies to localism and sustainability.


I have presented or published essays on Sam Peckinpah, Katherine Anne Porter, Wendell Berry, Jack Schaefer, Frank Miller, Geof Darrow, Ann Pancake, Thomas Pynchon, Elmore Leonard, Martin Ritt, Donald Siegel, and Clint Eastwood.


My collection of essays Breaking Down Breaking Bad: Critical Perspectives (2016), co-edited with Leonard Engel, is available from University of New Mexico Press.





Recent Adjunct Faculty

Reggie Allison
Dee Anderson
Robert Cooperman
Mary Danahey
Ann Eblin
Brandy Fraley
Joseph Hess
Anna Hinze
Daniel Kline
Brett Pransky
Sherman Sutherland
Matt Wanat
Douglas Waugh

Advising FAQs

  •  Is the English major currently offered on the Lancaster campus?

No. A substantial amount of coursework toward the major, however, is available at OUL. A student wishing to complete the English major at Ohio University will need to plan to transfer to the Athens campus in order to finish the degree.

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