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Contact Person

Dr. Scott Minar

107 Herrold Hall



Dr. Matt Wanat

Brasee Hall


Information about the resident faculty

Resident faculty include Assistant Professor Matt Wanat (Ph.D. American Literature, The Ohio State University) and Professor Scott Minar (Ph.D. American Literature and Creative Writing, Ohio University). Dr. Wanat also teaches Introduction to Film Studies, and Dr. Minar directs English tutoring activities on the Lancaster Campus in addition to his teaching duties.

Recent Adjunct Faculty

Reggie Allison
Dee Anderson
Robert Cooperman
Mary Danahey
Ann Eblin
Brandy Fraley
Joseph Hess
Anna Hinze
Daniel Kline
Brett Pransky
Sherman Sutherland
Matt Wanat
Douglas Waugh

Advising FAQs

  •  Is the English major currently offered on the Lancaster campus?

No. A substantial amount of coursework toward the major, however, is available at OUL. A student wishing to complete the English major at Ohio University will need to plan to transfer to the Athens campus in order to finish the degree.

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