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Child Development Technology

Welcome to the Webpage for the Associate Degree in Child Development

The Child Development Program enables you to pursue an associate's degree that could lead to an associate teaching license for pre-kindergarten. To be eligible for license, you must have 2.5 GPA and pass the required Ohio Assessment for Educators Test. To graduate with the degree without license, you must have 2.0 GPA. Upon completion of your associate's degree, you may continue to pursue your 4-year degree by passing Praxis I, have a 3.0 GPA and complete the prerequisite courses for Selective Admission to Early Childhood major.




Printable Program Brochure                      Undergraduate Catalog


Contact Person

Dr. Qiuping Cao


Advising FAQs and Important Forms


There is a clinical experience (EDEC2001) designed to maximize the experience for child development students in the program. To be eligible for clinical experience, you must have successfully completed both EDTE1000 and EDEC1600 courses and have obtained the required documents (BCI & FBI, Medical Statement) in advance. Please contact Janis Smeltzer at 740-681-3328 or email: or visit her office in Room 335 Brasee Hall, for the required documents and placement for your clinical experiences.


EDEC2001: Be prepared to commit 40 per semester (one half day a week in two consecutive semesters) for your Sophomore/Preschool Clinical (EDEC2001) when you take the following courses:

EDEC2100, EDEC2300, EDEC2500, EDEC3610, EDEC3700, EDEC3801. You will be placed in a preschool classroom with a qualified teacher for this clinical experience. You will be experiencing and practicing what you learned in the course work at university in a preschool classroom. Under the supervision of a qualified teacher, you will observe in action how concepts and strategies you learned regarding the guidance and management, play and creativity, children's literature, emergent literacy, diversity, and emergent math and science for young children actually work in real classrooms.


The clinical experience (EDEC2001) is repeatable and must be registered when you take the above-mentioned courses.


In addition, beginning in Fall 2012, new child development students will be required to take the 2000 block of courses: EDTE2000, EDTE2010, EDTE2020.


Practicum/Student Teaching (EDEC3929 & EDEC2929): Please fill out the application for your practicum (student teaching) when you are half way through your program. Most of the time, the Practicum is scheduled in the spring semester but can also be specially arranged in Fall.


OAE Test: If you intend to apply for the Pre-kindergarten Associate Teaching License, make sure you pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators Test: Code 036 & 037 Prekindergarten (Subtests I & II). Click preparation materials for details.


For advising, please study your DARS and select the courses you are eligible to take based on your own DARS and the suggested program template before meeting with your advisor. Email Dr.Cao for an appointment.