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Joseph Faber

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Joseph E. Faber



PhD, Case Western Reserve University

MS, Ohio University

BS, Ohio University


My philosophy of teaching reflects the general mission of the Office for Regional Higher Education and the particular mission of Ohio University Lancaster.  As the mission of Regional Higher Education is to encourage the development of outstanding faculty with an emphasis on excellence in teaching, the mission of OUL expands on the role of teacher as one who helps students establish disciplined habits of thought, develop their abilities to solve problems, to think critically, to broaden their perspectives and enhance their careers.


The central dogma of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species is that lineages of organisms change and diversify over time.  From a historical perspective, thee branching lineages can be represented by a tree, with the ancestral lineage as the trunk and evolving populations as the twigs at the ends of species branches.  Following this analogy, my research focuses on unraveling the processes that cause diversification, or branching, of limbs and twigs on evolutionary trees.  I use genetics to identify lineages of my model taxa, freshwater fishes.  As such, my research also has an applied component, because identification of evolutionary lineages is an important consideration in conservation biology and wildlife management.


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