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Applied Management

The Bachelors of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) degree is primarily intended for students who have completed a two-year degree program (90 or more quarter hours or 60 or more semester hours) from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college, and who seek to further their educations by completing the requirements for a baccalaureate degree. The program provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for advancement in the field of management.

“You learn from your mistakes. You really get out there in the real world, outside of college, and do projects you would do in your job. I loved the hands-on project experience.”

Tiffany Reynolds on her experience in the Applied Management program at the Lancaster Campus

For the student with an associate degree, the program integrates the general and technical skills developed within associate degree programs with the professional skills and dispositions inculcated in a bachelor’s of management degree program.

Undergraduate Catalog


Learning Outcomes





Contact Person

Brian Hoyt
D.B.A., Californa Coast University
Program Advisor
Office: 512 Brasee Hall

* If you are interested in learning about the online BSAM program --  email or call 740.593.2910


Information about the faculty


Brian Hoyt

D.B.A., California Coast University
Office: 512 Brasee Hall
T: 740-681-3367

Alan Middleton
M.B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Associate Professor
Office: 509 Brasee Hall
T: 740-681-3366

Janet Becker C.P.A.
M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh
Associate Dean
Office:517 Brasee Hall
T: 740-681-3305



Discover Your BSAM Promise

Communicating with Your Advisor

Instructions for scheduling classes

Scheduling classes for part time enrollment

Tutorial video on how to register for classes

Tutorial video on how to read your DARS

Advising update 10/12 – SAM 3910 Internship information

Advising update 10/12 – BSAM online course offerings

BSAM advising update 12/12



Advising FAQs


Current Student FAQ's:

Q: Who is my advisor, and how do I schedule an appointment to see him/her?

A: Brian Hoyt is the BSAM program advisor. He communicates best through e-mail: You can e-mail a meeting request, and he will set up a time with you.

Q: How do I declare my major?

A: To declare a BSAM major, you must fill out a change of program/major form and submit to Student Services in Brasee Hall. This form can be found in the BSAM advising folder on the Pamphlets for Program/Degree page of this website.

Q: What are DARS, and how can I use them to track progress on my degree?

A: DARS are Ohio University's Degree Audit Reporting System. They show classes you have taken and what tier of your degree they fill. See the Learning Community page to view a student made tutorial on interpreting your DARS.

Q: How do I get into a class if it is full?

A: You must contact the instructor teaching the course and ask for permission to join the class. Upon permission from the instructor, you must fill out a blue slip that the instructor will provide for you. The slip then needs to be returned to Student Services, located in Brasee Hall, for them to formally enroll you in the course.

Q: How do I find out about internships?

A: Visit the internship portion of the BSAM website. You can also contact student services or your advisor.

Q: Are internships paid?

A: Payment for internships is left to the discretion of the employer offering the internship opportunity. You will receive credit academically for it through the university, but no monetary payment will be received from the university. 

Q: How do I apply for a minor program?

A: Fill out a change of major program/major form and submit to Student Services in Brasee Hall.

Q: Where/how do I apply for graduation?

A: You can apply for graduation here or through Student Services.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: By visiting your MyOhio portal under the academics section, you will find you can enroll for classes. In addition, there is a student-made tutorial on how to register for classes using MyOhio portal in conjunction with a DARS.

Q: Are night classes available?

A: Yes, there are some evening course offerings.

Potential Student FAQ's:

Q: Are there online classes offered?

A: Yes, some of the courses are offered as an online section. Please talk to the program advisor about class options for the online portion of the BSAM curriculum.

Q: Will I be taught by teaching assistants?

A: No, all classes are taught lecture or lab style by the actual professor of the course.

Q: Are there internship opportunities for students in the BSAM undergraduate degree program?

A: Yes, there are a vast number of internship opportunities available to BSAM majors. The university is currently working on acquiring more corporate partners to provide additional internship opportunities for students. Students may seek outside internships, but they must meet the requirements of the BSAM internship. An overview of the requirements can be found under the Pamphlets for Program/Degree page.

Q: Are there any minors available with the BSAM major?

A: Yes, there are four different minor programs offered within the BSAM major. They are Organizational Communication, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Q: How will I know which classes to take?

A: There are many helpful documents posted in the Pamphlets for Program/Degree. Some of them, such as the BSAM checklists and planning worksheets, are very good indicators of the classes that BSAM students should plan to take. 

Q: How do students learn?

A: Students in the BSAM program learn through a hands-on approach. The knowledge they take from textbooks is applied to real world situations, and students participate while learning in these situations.

Q: Is there financial aid available in this program?

A: Yes. For more information on the financial aid available to you please visit the Ohio University's Financial Aid page here.

Q: What should I expect in a classroom setting?

A: At Ohio University's Lancaster branch, classes are very diverse. Typically, class sizes can range anywhere from 10 to 20 students. There are some classes that can exceed 20 students. The demographics you will experience in any class vary widely. An instructor will conduct the course in the way he/she sees fit for the better of the students' learning abilities.

Tentative Semester Planner Information

*These documents and videos can all be used in conjunction to assist you when registering and scheduling for classes.

Links to Pamphlet for program/degree

Scheduling Forms:

BSAM 1st- and 2nd-Year Schedule For Semesters

BSAM Recommended Sequence of Classes Worksheet

BSAM Checklist For Semesters

Recommended sequence of classes for non-business major transfers




Internship Forms:

Planning and Approval

Getting Started

Overview of SAM 3910 Internship

3910 Experience Guidelines

Project Description

Learning Plan

Cover Sheet

Intern/Employee Affidavit

* e-learning students interested in information concerning SAM 3910 Internship Experience should contact: email or call 740.593.2910


Information and Forms

Activity Log

Intern Partner Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Archive List

Completion Affidavit


Student Association Link:

SAAMM ( Student Associated for Applied Management Majors )

*This link is for additional BSAM student information. This will link you to the BSAM program extranet where you will find information and forms that are related to advising, internships, student association and more.