Ohio University

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  • WED
    08.16 @ 04:00pm


    Devil's Kettle Brewing, 97 Columbus Road, Athens, Ohio 45701

  • THU
    10.26 @ 02:42pm


    At Kids on Campus Afterschool Sites in Athens and Perry Counties

    Join more than 8,000 communities and 1 million Americans in celebrating afterschool programs for this year's Lights On Afterschool! This nationwide event, organized by the Afterschool Alliance, calls attention to the importance of afterschool programs and the resources required to keep the lights on and the doors open. Kids on Campus is proud to be a Lights On Afterschool partner.

    Too many American children—19.4 million—are missing out on afterschool opportunities. Participate in Lights On Afterschool and help call attention to this important issue.

    Kids on Campus Lights On Afterschool event detials are still being developed, and will be announced here at a later date.  We plan to provide hands-on family-friendly activities, have guest speakers, and connect families to other community resources. Kids on Campus afterschool programs currently serve nearly 800 youth in Athens and Perry Counties, providing them a safe place to go after the school day ends.

    All community members are invited to attend.