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My name is Crystal Byers. My children, Elijah Byers and Devon Barnes, have been participants in the Kids on Campus program provided by Ohio University and the Athens City School District. They have participated in both the afterschool program and the summer program.

Being a single mother of two boys who works full time, I have found it very difficult to help with my boys’ educational needs. I myself have never been a great student and am aware that my children sometimes need help that I cannot provide.

Having access to the Kids on Campus program has been such an asset for us. My boys not only get the academic help they need, they are also acquiring valuable socializing skills that will help them as they develop into young men.

Another enormous benefit all of the children are receiving is that they are exposed to an amazing group of positive role models. I consider the Kids on Camus program to be one of the most beneficial programs provided to our community.

At times I can be the typical overprotective parent. With this program I know my kids are safe and in good hands. They are gaining knowledge that they don’t learn at school and developing interests by being exposed to new people with different backgrounds.

I have referred many families to the program and will continue to do so. I just spoke with my children’s teachers and both of my children have been consistent or exceptional across the board. This would not be possible without this program. This program is giving my boys a fighting chance to succeed at life. Benefits of this program are priceless and will follow these children for a lifetime.

Crystal Byers