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Meet Our Team


Amanda Brooks

Assistant Program Manager
Grover Center W129C

Athens, Ohio 45701


Fun Facts:
I am a GIANT football fan! (Go Bucks!)
My family is very important to me, which is good since most all of them live within a 10 mile radius of me.
Sarcasm is a necessary survival skill in my house.

What My Position Entails:
I help sustain Kids on Campus programs by writing grants and making sure we spend our money wisely. I work with the program coordinators to help manage their budgets. I also manage the KoC office, process the payroll and perform other general office duties. And I find the answers to random questions!

Why I Enjoy My Job:
I really like the mix of routine and change. Because our staff is always trying to make the programs the best they can be for the kids and families, we are always changing and evolving. It is never boring here!

I Chose This Career Path Because:
I enjoy working with people, and am heavily invested in non-traditional educational programs. Programs like Kids on Campus had such a strong impact on my life personally, and I want to make sure others have that opportunity.

My Professional Passion:
The education of our children, especially looking at the whole child. I enjoy teaching children in nontraditional settings; I love the freedom and creativity it allows us to have.

Photo of Holly Brooks.

Holly Brooks

Alexander Local Program Coordinator

6125 School Rd,

Albany, Ohio 45710



Fun Info:

I enjoy being outside, especially if it has anything to do with horses. I am certified to teach therapeutic horseback riding lessons, which I taught for two years while living in Oklahoma.

What My Position Entails:
I’m responsible for providing quality educational programming for the afterschool program. I collaborate with the students, parents, teachers, administrators and community partners to best serve the program. 

Why I Enjoy My Job:
I enjoy that each day is different, and I never have the chance to get bored.

I Chose This Career Path Because:
I get to make a positive impact on kids’ lives in a nontraditional setting. I always wanted to make a difference in the community.

My Professional Passion:
My passion is being able to help individuals with different abilities in a nontraditional setting.

Photo of Jessica Funovits.

Jessica Funovits

Southern Local Program Coordinator
10397 State Route 155 Southeast
Corning, Ohio 43730


Fun Info:

I love everything about food—cooking it, eating it and the science behind it!
My first job was as a paper girl when I was six. My most unique job was dressing in costume as a cow.
I love sewing—but am horrible at it.

What My Position Entails:
I organize an afterschool program for a group of amazing kindergarten-through-6th-grade students. Our program offers enrichment activities to broaden students’ academic scope and advance literacy, and is supported by the school’s teachers and aides—they help link what is being taught during the school day to the fun activities during our afterschool program. So – there’s a lot of organizing (which I love!)—phone calls, emails, researching, brainstorming (thank goodness for the internet with some great activity ideas!), and supervising to ensure everyone is in the safest possible environment.

Why I Enjoy My Job:
I’m in it for the artwork :)  Kidding-sorta! I love my job because no two days are the same. Some days I’ll spend making phone calls, writing emails, meeting with staff, or researching/brainstorming activities, and others will be spent doing activities with students. Nothing is better than when students say they had fun learning!  And I love that most days end with a student giving me a card or picture he or she drew for me.

I Chose This Career Path Because:
I want to make a positive difference in a child's future. With a bit of positive role modeling and encouragement, even the hardest-to-reach children can shine brightly in their own way.

My Professional Passion:
My passion is being able to help individuals with different abilities in a nontraditional setting.


Dan Hinderliter

Trimble Local Program Coordinator
18500 Jacksonville Road
Glouster, Ohio 45732


Fun Facts:
I am an avid consumer of all things cultural—books, TV, movies, video games, food, and especially music. I love to listen to and play music, as I am a proficient singer and play both the piano and ukulele. I am also a very outdoorsy person who loves to hike, camp, canoe, swim, etc. If you can think of something outside, I’ve probably done it!

What My Position Entails:
As program coordinator, I spend the first half of my day talking to teachers, administrators and parents. I use this time to learn about my students and how to help them improve, while planning for that day’s program. During the second half of the day, I try to actively engage with each student—assisting this student with homework, talking about that student’s bullying problem, etc. I also work with my staff to make sure that each student is happy and excited to come to our program every day.

Why I Enjoy My Job:
I enjoy my job because it gives me the unique opportunity to work with a wide range of students. My time is spent with students from a variety of grades with a whole host of interests. Through Kids on Campus, I can do a lesson one day about reptiles and another day on trains and another day on famous musicians. We get to have fun learning about what we’re interested in, instead of following a set curriculum every day.

I Chose This Career Path Because:
I think every student needs a good adult role model. When I was in middle school, I had a number of teachers and adults who showed me it was okay to be weird and wacky. If my staff and I can show even one student that it’s okay to be who they are, or who they want to be, I consider it a success.

My Professional Passion
My professional passion is twofold: policy and advocacy. First, I find the politics behind education fascinating, from choosing curriculum to standardized testing to how schools best support every student in their district. The way it all comes together to impact the students leads directly into the second aspect of advocacy. Often, students have no one at home or in the school to advocate specifically for their success on the district and state level. As someone who has been a community volunteer all his life, I want to be the person that gives words to voiceless communities. If I can do that on the state or federal level, all the better.


Jennifer Moore

Athens City Program Coodinator
90 Connet Road
The Plains, Ohio 45780


Fun Facts:
I am a rice fanatic. I could eat it every day for every meal.
I love reality TV.
I still talk to my mom 6-8 times per day.
I have no idea how to work Twitter or Instagram.

What My Position Entails:
My position entails providing quality afterschool and summer programming to children in the elementary school setting. I also make sure families are closely involved in our program and are acknowledged as vital influences on a child’s learning and development through family events and various opportunities offered to parents/guardians. I also work with the school administration and affiliates to make sure our program is accepted, supported and successful.

Why I Enjoy My Job:
I love that every day is an adventure. No child, family or day is the same when you are working in a setting that focuses on children. I also love the fact that every day I am surrounded by young, impressionable minds that I have the power to influence and empower...Well, and because kids say the darndest things!

I Chose This Career Path Because:
I chose this career path because I love the field of human services and being able to connect with children and families in a positive setting.

My Professional Passion
To matter in as many childrens' and families' lives as I can in my lifetime.


Crystal Smith

Federal Hocking School District
Amesville Elementary: 740.448.3500
Coolville Elementary: 740.667.3121
Federal Hocking MS/HS: 740.662.6691


Fun Facts:
I want my retirement home to be on a cruise ship.
I could not live without sarcasm in my life.
I supplement my income with bingo winnings.
Love spending time with my family and friends.
Attends Cork and Canvas classes (who doesn't love painting while enjoying a glass of wine?)

What My Position Entails:
Oversight of three afterschool programs for students in grades kindergarten through 12 th grade within the Federal Hocking Local School District.

Why I Enjoy My Job:
It allows me to go beyond just teaching students. I am able to share my experiences I have gained in becoming a better educator/supervisor. Also, I value the personal connection I get to develop with both with the students and their families.

I Chose This Career Path Because:
It allows me to help students achieve their personal best while inspiring them not only academically but personally.

My Professional Passion:
My professional passion is to help instill and encourage passion in those who work with children and families. I believe that a strong, productive leader puts people first and that the best leader serves others.