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Manager's Letter

In Ohio there are 431,489 children who are responsible for taking care of themselves afterschool. (Afterschool Alliance) Kids on Campus and our partners have been working for the past eighteen years to help provide safe care for the students in this region to help lower these numbers. We have sought support from individuals, groups, and other agencies to expand our programing both in Athens County and in Perry County. In the 2013-2014 school year KoC was about to serve over 400 students.

KoC was able to partner with Athens City, Federal Hocking, Nelsonville-York, and Trimble Local school districts in Athens County as well as Southern Local school district in Perry County. With the funding granted from the Ohio Department of Education students were provided homework help, enrichment, and intervention at each of these afterschool sites. While not everything implemented during this time was a success KoC continues to learn from our mistakes. We all research the educational trends proven methods to determine which will serve our students, families, and schools best.

While the afterschool programing takes place for more months during the year it isn’t the only time that we are supporting our students. According to RAND Education and their research, “summer learning programs have the potential to help children and youth improve their academic and other outcomes. This is especially true for children from low-income families who might not have access to educational resources throughout the summer months and for low-achieving students who need additional time to master academic content.” Because of these reasons and also to serve as a summer feed site KoC continues to offer summer programing, our six week summer camp served over 300 students.

As we continue to try and serve more students in the region we still see many more that are not being serve due to funding restrictions. We ask you as part of the community to invest with us into the future of our region. Be a part of the growth and support to the youth and families.

Timarie Francis
Kids on Campus Program Manager