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Online Teaching Tools

Many faculty and staff are scrambling for tools to help them teach remotely, and vendors are capitalizing on this. The Office of Information Technology has compiled a list of helpful information on their Teaching, Learning, and Research page.

All solutions (paid or free) must adhere to the guidelines outlined on OIT’s Departmental Software Purchases web page. Here are some quick tips:

  • Read the "terms of service" and "privacy" sections. Look for whether they will sell or provide your information to other third parties without your permission. If they say they will or it's not mentioned, exercise caution depending on the information they're gathering.
  • If the software or service require students to set up their own accounts, consider what student data (including personal information) the vendor will have access to and whether it would fall under FERPA guidelines.
  • Let OIT know if you begin using a tool. There may be some support or guidance they can provide.
  • Keep in mind the importance of digital accessibility when selecting your tools, for people who use assistive technologies or who experience technology differently.
  • If you are using a tool that is not listed on this page (e.g., Zoom), there are important security issues you need to consider.

OIT Technology Training

OIT's Technology Training website lets you view self-training resources about technology tools, attend a live workshop about a specific technology, or book a one-on-one tech-focused consultation: OIT Technology Training


Care to view sample courses in Blackboard and to request that one of the sample course templates be applied directly to your course, then check out this page!

For technical support, including Blackboard, visit the OIT website, email servicedesk@ohio.edu, or call 740.593.1222. Read more about Blackboard on OIT's Help and Resources page.

Blackboard Assignments

Blackboard assignments is a simple way to allow students to upload a file into Blackboard and receive points for said assignments.

This Blackboard Course Setup Checklist identifies the tasks or steps you should complete in each area of the standard OHIO pre-loaded Blackboard course menu before making that course available to students.

Instructors should consider this checklist as a minimal guide for creating course content in Blackboard.

Promoting Collaboration


You can upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos via microphone, webcam, text, phone, audio upload, or freehand markup with VoiceThread.

VoiceThread – help & resources


OneDrive allows for document sharing and for multiple people to edit the same file.

OneDrive – Help and Resources

Delivering Lectures


If you are looking for available technologies to support lecture capture, Panopto lets you record and share videos (make sure you have a microphone). You also can use it for asynchronous meetings. Panopto also offers auto-captioning in videos, so closed captions are visible.

Panopto – help & resources

Watch a Panopto Demo


Microsoft Teams

Online collaboration can be streamlined via the University’s membership to Microsoft Teams. Teams provides group chat, channeled conversations, instant messaging, live document collaboration, audio or video calls, and meetings (from one-on-ones to fully-featured audio/video conferences). It also works in conjunction with other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive, OneNote, and Office 365 via Microsoft Groups.

Microsoft Teams – help & resources

Microsoft Teams – Accessibility Features

Workshop: Teams in your course

Engaging Students

Top Hat

This student response system utilizes students' personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) combined with interactive slides to facilitate classroom discussions, track attendance, and conduct real time polls or quizzes. Outside the classroom, Top Hat offers an InteractiveText platform where instructors can adopt, customize, or create Open Educational Resources for their courses in place of traditional textbooks. Read about Ohio University's partnership with Top Hat.

Top Hat – help & resources

Workshop: Top Hat Overview

Running Discussions

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables group chat, channeled conversations, instant messaging, live document collaboration, and more. Read above for more information on using Teams for synchronous lecture.

Microsoft Teams – help & resources

Blackboard Discussions Boards

Blackboard discussion boards allow students to interact in forum-style discussions.

Blackboard – Discussion Boards

Testing and Proctoring


Proctortrack allows students to take a proctored exam on their own device from a location of their choosing, if their instructor has enabled the feature for their course.

Proctortrack – Help & Resources

For information about other tools you can use for assessments, visit the Assessments page.

Additional Resources

An ongoing Google document of remote teaching resources is continually being updated. These resources have been compiled from many different institutions.