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Resources from Thurs., 22 April 2004 ITSC meeting:
  • From Todd Gardner
    Here is a good article on campus networking from a CIO's perspective at the University of Central Florida. May be relevant to the current discussion of ubiquitous wireless for OU. <http://www.syllabus.com/article.asp?id=8711>
  • From Bryan Duffie
    I came across an interesting take on network security for a campus computing environment. It comprises an interview with Jeff Schiller, the network manager for MIT. It might be something that is worth passing on to everyone else on the IT Steering Committee.
Resources from Thurs., 18 March 2004 ITSC meeting:
  • Committee Vision Statement template (.doc)
  • Summary: Meeting of Co-chairs, Provost, & Assoc Provost for Budgeting, 16 Mar 04
Resources from Thurs., 19 Feb 2004 ITSC meeting:
Resources from Thurs, 29 Jan 2004 ITSC meeting:
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