Ohio University

Athens Area Mediation Services

Since the early 2000’s Athens Area Mediation Services (AAMS) has provided mediation service to anyone in the OU community in need of mediation in an OU based conflict or dispute. 

Mediation is a process wherein parties in dispute meet with impartial, neutral persons called mediators who assists in the negotiation of their differences. The mediator/s are in charge of the negotiation process, making sure that it is a safe, confidential, and productive conversation that hopefully leads to an agreement between the two parties, meeting the needs of both, and culminating in a statement of agreement.

AAMS mediators are here to assist international students in negotiating with landlords about payment plans, discounted rates or even cancellation of payments due.

See the following link to apply for support for AAMS. Please note that they will reach out to you once they receive your application information.


If you have any questions please contact isfs@ohio.edu.