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Use of the Ohio University Mark 

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Use of the Ohio University Mark

The University controls the use of the official Ohio University mark and other related marks including the Attack Cat and the Paw. Use of these marks by student organizations is prohibited except with express written approval. Student organizations can create their own logos or identifying marks for their organizations.

In some cases, outside vendors are able to utilize these marks to sell products, but the University reserves the right to manage this usage and approves all usage in advance. In addition, all vendors pay a royalty to the University for this use. Student organizations wishing to create and/or sell a product utilizing one of the identifying marks of the University can be exempted from the expectation to pay a royalty but must still request permission in advance from the University.

If your organization is interested in pursuing permission to utilize one of the identifying marks, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs, Pilcher House, 593-2626.