Catering Policy 

Student organizations receive a 10% discount on all University catering services as long as catering orders are placed at least one week prior to the event date. Catering Services is committed to working with organizations to provide whatever type of food and refreshment desired for an event, whether it is refreshments for a meeting or a sit down dinner or a buffet. Catering Services can also take recipes and recreate particular item(s) for an event and will provide a taste testing session as well.

Before making banquet and catering arrangements, consider the following:

1. Type of food and refreshments organization is interested in having.
2. The organization's budget and amount available to spend per person.
3. Location, date, and time of the event.
4. Estimated number of people attending. (This number can be changed up to 3 days prior to the event.)

If an organization is on a tight budget or is not sure what to serve at an event, schedule an appointment with a University catering service staff member who will explain the options available to your organization by calling 593-4035 or visiting Catering Services at 125 Baker University Center. They will explain the options available to your organization.

Food and beverages served or catered on the Ohio University campus or at University sponsored events must be provided by Ohio University Cater Services. The complete catering policy for Ohio University is available on-line at: