Special Forms 

A. Signature Card

Complete a signature card showing the signatures of both the treasurer and the advisor. A new card must be completed each time there is a change of either the advisor or treasurer. The officers listed on the signature card must match the registration on file at the Campus Involvement Center located at Baker University Center 355. Since the Cashier's Office Student Organization window often needs to contact the treasurer and/or advisor, the local address and phone number must also be kept current in this office.

B. Travel
Reimbursement for approved travel cannot exceed the total miles traveled multiplied by the accepted University mileage rate. Receipts are required for meals, hotels, parking, etc. They must show dates, places traveled from and to, mileage, rate used, and the amount of receipts attached for meals, parking, hotels, etc., and must contain the signature of the traveler and the advisor. This must be submitted along with a disbursement voucher to receive reimbursement.

C. Raffle Roll Tickets
Raffle Roll tickets are available at the Cashier's Office Student Organization window. A ticket sales report form will be completed when picking up the roll tickets. 

Unused tickets, along with all money collected from the ticket sales, must be returned to the Cashier's Office Student Organization window in Chubb Hall and accounted for no later than the fifth working day following the event. Failure to do so will place the Organization Account on hold and the organization will be reported to the Campus Campus Involvement Center.

D. Sales Tax Exemption
Registered Student Organizations are exempt from paying Ohio State Sales Tax. The tax-exempt form must be on hand when making purchases.

E. Payment Compliance Form

The Payment Compliance Form must be completed anytime that a person, other than a student, is paid from the organization's account. It is commonly used for paying vendors or persons/companies that have entered into an agreement to provide a service, i.e., speakers or entertainers. The form must be completed and returned to the Student Organization Bursar with a Disbursement Voucher.

F. Disbursement Voucher

A disbursement voucher must be completed for each request to disburse funds from a student organization account in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Treasurer's Manual.