Financial Rules and Regulations 

 Guidelines and Policies Affecting Treasurers: Financial Rules and Regulations

Student Activities Commission Funding

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) is a commission of the Student Senate responsible for allocating funds for programs and events from the Student General Fund to registered student organizations at Ohio University. SAC operates under a quarterly funding system for Fall, Winter & Spring Quarters. Funding applications are submitted in the middle of the quarter and the funding decision is made at the end of the same quarter. However, the funds allocated are to be used the following quarter. Funds are disbursed around the first week of the quarter they are to be used. Ultimately it is the decision of the SAC General Assembly to make funding decisions and thus certain deviations from the funding guidelines listed in the SAC PAC may occur.

SAC funds cannot be used for the personal benefit of any of its members. This includes the following:

  • No closed banquets, parties, etc. will be funded.
  • No awards for group members will be funded (e.g., scholarships, plaques).
  • No salaries will be funded.
  • Petty cash funds are prohibited.
  • No purchase or reimbursement of alcohol or any intoxicating beverages

For more information or to download a SAC PAC, please visit: Student Activities Commission Funding (SAC)