General Information 

 Guidelines and Policies Affecting Treasurers: General Information

A. All registered student organizations must maintain their account with the Cashier's Office Student Organization window. A separate bank account is strictly prohibited. Any Greek organization that is recognized by WPA, IFC or NPHC and have a housing corporation, are exempt from this requirement. As an Ohio University registered Student Organization your organization is considered an affiliate of Ohio University and is subject to the University's policies & procedures. In essence, your organization is acting on behalf of, or in the name of, Ohio University.

B. Books must be kept up-to-date. The elected treasurer should be handling the books and processing the paperwork with consultation with the advisor. If they are not meeting those responsibilities, it is advisable for your organization to elect a new treasurer.

C. Organization funds cannot be used for the personal benefit of any of its members. This includes the following:

1. Petty cash funds are prohibited.
2. No purchase or reimbursement of alcohol or any intoxicating beverages.

D. Deficit spending will not and cannot be accepted.

E. Advance payments can be made for only the following:

1. Pre-registration for conference.
2. Transportation reservation when payment is required.
3. Certain group travel arrangements when costs cannot be determined (e.g., teams, field trips).
4. Magazine subscriptions.
5. Facility deposits. Advance payments still require itemized receipts, registration forms, and/or order forms showing the amount of the fees to be paid.

F. Each student organization has a mailbox/folder at the Cashier's Office Student Organization window in Chubb Hall. University bills and other mail are often received at the Cashier's Office. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to check the mailbox on a regular basis to see if they have any mail.

G. The books are subject to be audited at any time upon request by the Resident State Examiner and/or the Cashiers Office.

H. Necessary forms (cash books, vouchers, deposit slips, etc.) are to be picked up at the Cashier's Office Student Organization window, ground floor of Chubb Hall. The use of other forms will be prohibited unless the office grants special permission.

I. The Ohio University Policy and Procedure manual, available on-line at will be used as the guide for any procedure not specifically covered in this booklet. Contact the Cashiers Office for interpretation prior to commitment of funds.