All payment requests must be made by submitting a completed Disbursement Voucher. Do not under any circumstances pay bills directly with cash collected for dues, social assessments, income projects, etc.

A. Vouchers

1. Fill in the date, organization name (no abbreviations), and account number.

2. Indicate the payee (person/vendor for which payment is being made). An address is required for all payees.

3. Indicate the expense distribution. If you have more than one receipt for the same person/vendor, you can list each receipt total on a separate line.

4. List the combined total of all receipts.

5. Reimbursement for all purchases must be processed within 90 days.

6. You must include a detailed description of what the expense(s) is for.

7. Attach itemized receipts. Non-itemized cash register tapes or credit card slips are not acceptable. In special cases where a voucher represents a bill for printing of promotional flyers, a copy of the same is required. Payment for National Membership dues requires a copy of the registration form or a copy from the organizations' National handbook showing how much dues are per member.

8. For payment covering speakers, entertainers, or services rendered, etc., a contractual agreement will be required along with a completed W-9 tax form (Exhibit D). The W-9 tax form is available on-line. This contract must include a description of the service, date of event, and must be signed by an authorized representative for each party before payment can be processed. Students are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of their organization. Groups must have their organization's advisor or the Director of the Campus Involvement Center sign the contract.

9. You must have both the advisor and the treasurer signatures on the voucher (signature must match the signature card on file at the Cashier's Office Student Organization window and what is registered at the Campus Involvement Center). If your advisor or treasurer is not available to sign they must email involvement@ohio.edu and state that they approve a representative of the Campus Involvement Center to sign the voucher.

10. Submit the voucher to the Cashier's Office Student Organization window for processing between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (hours may vary during the summer).

11. Record the disbursement (including the check number) in your cashbook.