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Student Organizations Finances

Ohio University student organizations are supported by the Campus Involvement Center. The Student organization area of the CIC aims to both provide quality advising to student organizations and empower faculty & staff advisors by providing resources and support. The Office of the Bursar assists in these endeavors by providing depositing services for student organization funds. All student organizations are required to maintain the organization’s bank account with the University. External bank accounts are prohibited.

Student Appropriations Commission Updates

  • The final bi-weekly meeting is on Sun. April 11 (we are meeting on the 4th and the 11th for bi-weekly)
  • Semesterly funding applications will open on Thurs. March 18
  • Semesterly funding applications will be due on Thurs. April 1
  • Semesterly funding virtual interviews will be conducted on the weekends of April 3-4 and 10-11
  • The semesterly funding meeting (and our budget review meeting of the year) is on Sun. April 18

Funds Available

The Student Organizations OHIO Funds Available View can be used to view receipts, expenditures and remaining funds available for an organization.

Funds Available View

Making Deposits

Complete a Deposit Slip, (which can be obtained from the Student Organizations window of the Office of the Bursar, 010 Chubb Hall), with the following information:

  • Organization’s name
  • Account number
  • Deposit amount
  • Coins must be rolled with the organization’s name and account number indicated on the rolls
  • Checks must be endorsed with the organization’s name and account number
  • Treasurer’s signature

Requesting Checks

Checks/disbursement Vouchers are handled by the Campus Involvement Center. Refer to their site for additional information.