Sober Bobcats 

Sober Bobcats

Having Fun Without a Buzz!


Sober Bobcats is an extension of the Collegiate Recovery Community for students who are not in recovery but seeking support in their decision to live substance-free. Students who want to live a sober lifestyle often have a difficult time connecting with other students on campus. Sober Bobcats was implemented to provide a safe and fun community where students can meet others, have fun, and make new friends. Sober Bobcats supports students who:

  • May have previously encountered negative experiences under the influence and choose to abstain from using alcohol and other drugs
  • May have a family history of alcohol or drug abuse and seek support in their personal decision of sobriety
  • Want to live a healthy lifestyle void of alcohol and other drugs
  • Want to have fun and socially engage with other students on campus without the use of alcohol and other drugs

How Can I Get Involved with Sober Bobcats?

You can visit the Sober Bobcats' website at by clicking here or you may contact one of the following executive members or advisor:

Vice President: (Sarah Vaughn)

Secretary: (Brigitta Schultz)

PR Officer: (Adrian Blake)

Advisor: (Ann Addington)