Health Promotion 

Health Promotion helps Ohio University students become and stay healthy. We can provide you with up-to-date information, help you research health topics, and let you know when and where to attend peer-presented programs and alcohol and drug diversion programs. You can even request a workshop or presentation for your organization, residence hall, or class.

Poster Campaigns

The Buzz Stops Here Judicial Violations

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Babysitting Friends Who Went Beyond the Buzz


Upcoming Events:

Spring Semester POWER HOURS:   Wednesdays 6-7 pm in Baker Center Room 230

  • January 28

    Stalking the Hidden Enemy

    Learn how to protect yourself against a stalker by learning the warning signs and ways to report stalking behaviors to authorities.

    February  4

    Healthy Relationships

    Are you happy in your relationships?  Are you constantly arguing with your partner, friends or roommate?  Learn tips for improving or building healthy relationships.

    February   11


    The science of protection involves more than just using condoms.  Various forms of latex and their proper use to prevent STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) will be covered.  Learn the 13 steps of using a MALE and FEMALE condom.  Become a member of the Latex League.

    February 25

    Safe Spring Break

    Get ready for break!  We will give you tips to maximize your spring break fun with happy memories and return to Athens without regrets, arrests or sexually transmitted infections.

    March 18

    Generation Rx

    The misuse of prescription medications is growing on college campuses.  Learn the legal and health risks for sharing Rx meds.

    April 1

    Got POT??

    Social, Recreational and Medicinal Use is all the talk.  Socially accepted by some and the focus on the war on drugs for others.  Get the DOPE on POT.

    April 15

    Total Relaxation/Positivity

    The total relaxation live/positivity workshop will help you to de-stress.  Learn tips on how to be stress free, stay calm and prepare for finals week.