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The broad approach that we take is to seek environmental change. In taking such an approach, we work to change the physical, social, economic, and legal environment (including that dimension of the environment governed by informal rules in the form of customs, traditions, and norms) in order to encourage wise decision making about alcohol use by students. We expect students to be responsible citizens of the University and Athens communities. We provide what students need in order to make smart choices and hold them accountable when they make poor choices.

For details on how particular strategies have been employed, see Recent Initiatives.

Further, we: 

  • Involve students, student leaders, faculty, staff and community.
  • Rely on staff and experts for implementation and advice where appropriate.
  • Communicate routinely with faculty, staff, students, neighborhood associations, alumni, parents, legislators, and the public about goals, strategies, and progress.
  • Evaluate our efforts and refine them as needed.


We work to achieve environmental change through:

  • clear communication of expectations
  • faculty, student and community engagement
  • education and orientation
  • public communication
  • social marketing
  • positive peer influence
  • positive student engagement in campus life
  • assessment of progress and evaluation initiatives
  • law enforcement
  • policy development
  • discipline


We also employ the 3-in-1 Framework of the National Institute for Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse to select and plan implementation of specific strategies. Click  here  for a detailed description of OhioUniversity's current and planned strategies.