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Coalition Advocating Responsible Drinking Decisions (CARDD)




CARDD is the Coalition Advocating Responsible Drinking Decisions. It is a coalition of students, faculty, staff and community members that works to reduce high risk drinking among OhioUniversity students through an environmental change approach. It was established in 1996 and is part of a statewide coalition of similar bodies.

The coalition is primarily advisory, responsible for developing recommendations for University and community officials on matters of program, policy, and coordination. The coalition includes approximately 60 students, faculty, staff, and community member volunteers, and is co-chaired by Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi and Associate Director of Health Promotion Terry Koons.

The coalition is supported by professional staff in the University's Department of Health Promotion (in the Division of Student Affairs). This staff provides expertise and guidance to the coalition's efforts. Char Kopchick is director of the department and Terry Koons is associate director for substance abuse prevention.




The goal of the coalition is to reduce the incidence of high risk drinking and its related consequences among Ohio University students. High risk drinking is excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages that increases the risk of experiencing negative consequences, not only for those who are drinking but for others in the immediate environment. High risk drinking often centers on the intent to get drunk.




The broad approach that CARDD takes is to seek environmental change. In taking such an approach, CARDD coordinates an effort to change the physical, social, economic, and legal environment (including that dimension of the environment governed by informal rules in the form of customs, traditions, and norms) in order to encourage wise decision making about alcohol use by students. In addition, in order to be successful the coalition:

  • Involves students, faculty, staff and community members in all phases of coalition activities.
  • Relies on staff and experts for implementation and advice where appropriate.
  • Maintains and develops additional support among institutional leaders.
  • Communicates routinely with faculty, staff, students, neighborhood associations, alumni, parents, legislators, and the public about goals, strategies, and progress.
  • Evaluates its efforts and refines them as needed.




The coalition works to achieve environmental change through faculty, student and community engagement, education and orientation, public communication, social marketing, positive peer influence, positive student engagement in campus life, assessment of progress and evaluation initiatives, law enforcement, policy development and discipline. CARDD uses the 3-in-1 Framework of the National Institute for Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse to select and plan implementation of specific strategies. Click  here  for a detailed description of current and planned strategies.




CARDD is administered through:

Health Promotion
355 Baker University Center
(740) 593 - 4742