About Health Promotion 

Health Promotion helps Ohio University students become and stay healthy. Bookmark this site!!! We can provide you with up-to-date health information, help you research health topics, and let you know when and where to attend peer-presented programs and alcohol and drug diversion programs. You can even request a workshop or presentation for your organization, residence hall or class.

Mission Statement

Health Promotion is committed to the advancement of the total health and well-being of Ohio University's diverse population. Health Promotion will assess and respond to the health and wellness needs of all students through the development and implementation of proactive health and wellness programs and services. Health Promotion recognizes its responsibility to promote the wellness concept throughout the university community.


Health Promotion is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


355 Baker University Center, 740-593-4742


Terry Koons, M.Ed.
Associate Director, Campus Involvement Center for Health Promotion
Phone: 593-4742
Ann Addington, M.Ed.
Assistant Director for Health Promotion
Phone: 593-4749

Troy Thieman, GA for Alcohol and Other Drug Harm-Reduction:

Ben Braddock, GA for Sexual Assault Prevention & Relationship Violence Risk Reudction:

Anna Heaton, GA for Peer Health Education:

Shelby Delp, GA for Tobacco, Other Drug and Recovery Programs:

For more information or to request a workshop, presentation or training session, please call us at


We appreciate at least 2 weeks' notice.