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National Pan-Hellenic Council


The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is the governing body for nine historically Black Greek letter organizations. At Ohio University, there are currently 6 NPHC organizations (3 fraternities, 3 sororities). A ffiliated members are elected to the NPHC executive board to oversee collaboration, educational programming initatives, service projects, and social activities. The NPHC  board  hosts an annual event each September called "Meet the Greeks," where prospective members and the community are able to learn more about the culturally based organizations in the council. In addition, the council sponsors an "NPHC Week" in February which will include educational programs and service activities for the community. 

Have a quick question? Contact the NPHC Advisor, Shelby Gerwin, at OU.NPHC.1804@gmail.com  or the NPHC President, Nirobia McKinney at ounphcpresident@gmail.com.

For more information about National Pan-Hellenic Council, the umbrella organization over our local NPHC, visit:  http://www.nphchq.org/mission.htm

Keep up to date with NPHC by following them on Instagram: @ohiou_nphc