Innovation Showcase

Inspiring examples of innovative faculty are ubiquitous at Ohio University. Discover what OHIO faculty members are doing in the classroom and through their research to significantly impact student learning. These examples of faculty members’ innovation, teaching excellence, and exemplary practice are worth noting and integrating into your own courses.

In the Office of Instructional Innovation (OII), innovation is considered to be any change that adds value; this could be a faculty member utilizing Team-Based Learning methodologies, engaging students through the Active-Learning Classroom, or a faculty member letting research inform their teaching. These stories are meant to bring awareness to the successes around the University, as well as inspire others to do the same. We hope to feature your success story here soon!

Merri Biechler:
Integrating Theater Across Disciplines
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

By utilizing Forum Theater and improvisation techniques, Merri Biechler enables students in the medical field to develop a new grasp on understanding advocacy, communication, mindfulness, and presence with their patients.

Andrew Pueschel:
Increasing Engagement and Positivity
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

One OHIO faculty’s goal is to impact students in ways that speak to their individual ways of learning. To do so, he implements strategies to increase both their engagement and positivity in the classroom.

Faculty Embrace
Open Educational Resources
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

Faculty throughout the University have joined the movement to reduce the cost of their students’ textbooks and materials. See what some faculty have done by participating in the OHIO–Top Hat partnership.

Sarah Davis:
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

As a way to encourage a culture of open dialogue, Sarah Davis is creating a place and time for people to engage in face-to-face communication. She hopes to better bridge the University with the surrounding community.

Athan Vouzianas:
Synergies in Teaching and Learning
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

Athan Vouzianas is working with Linda Rice to create a teaching synergy between their engineering and English courses. Read about their experience and vision to expand the project beyond the University.

Jerry Miller:
Place-Based Pedagogy
Place-based learning workshop at the Ridges

After seeing the benefits of place-based learning his students experienced, Jerry Miller has spearheaded efforts to expand the use of place-based pedagogy at Ohio University.

Universal Design
for Learning

An increasing number of OHIO faculty are creating experiences that provide effective learning opportunities for today’s diverse student body. See what some faculty have done and the changes they have seen in their students.

Bob Klein:
Math Placement Pilot

Dr. Bob Klein discusses the advantages of a pilot program that’s offering a thorough way to assess first-year students’ placement in math courses at OHIO.

Microcredentialing at OHIO

Staff in the Division of Student Affairs share their process of implementing a new program at OHIO, which was possible from the support they received from the 2016 Academic Innovation Accelerator.

Andie Walla: Service Learning

Once Andie Walla realized the opportunities for service learning in her video production courses, the rich life experiences her students encountered became well worth the effort.

Julia Paxton: Service Learning

Dr. Julia Paxton shares her experiences with service learning in her courses, and how these community experiences add depth and context her students wouldn’t otherwise experience during their studies.

Sami Kahn: Service Learning

Sami Kahn utilized service learning in her first courses taught at OHIO. With the help of the Center for Campus and Community Engagement, she has seen her students’ engagement skyrocket.

Reducing Course Material Costs

Faculty across OHIO are increasing efforts to reduce the hefty price tag on their students’ course materials. See what steps some have taken.

Teaching the Arts Online

Four instructors in the College of Fine Arts discuss strategies and techniques they have successfully implemented when teaching in an online environment, as well as the help they received from OHIO’s instructional designers.

Teaching Matters Podcast

Hosted by Scott Titsworth, this WOUB Public Media weekly audio series explores different ways students learn and new styles of teaching required in a technological age.

Dr. Harter: Storytelling in the Classroom

Dr. Lynn Harter talks about the rich benefits both student and teacher experience when using storytelling in the classroom.

Dean Titsworth: Teaching Today's Students

Dean Scott Titsworth addresses characteristics of today’s students, as well as how faculty can create an effective classroom for teaching them.

Associate Professors Rogus and Dr. Peterson: Active Learning Classroom

Mary Rogus and Dr. Brittany Peterson discuss their experiences using OHIO’s Schoonover 450 classroom, as well as the merits and challenges of teaching in ALCs.

Dr. Frost:
Team-Based Learning

In this interview, Dr. Raymond Frost shares his thoughts on Team-Based Learning as a transformative teaching practice.


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