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Authorization for New Online Programs

Before launching, an online program must undergo a state authorization review to see if other states’ regulations present barriers to students from that state enrolling in the program. The regulations of each individual state determine if OHIO may offer online education there, to whom it may be offered, and if there will be a financial obligation to the state(s) in which the program is offered.

The coordinator of compliance and quality assurance in the Office of Instructional Innovation conducts the review. Allow a minimum of two to three weeks for the review to be completed.

Answering the questions in the following checklist (also available as a PDF) will help you to prepare for the review.

  • Is this a graduate or undergraduate program?
  • In what states do you desire to offer the program?
  • Is it offered completely online, or is it a hybrid program, with both online and face-to-face courses required?
    • If hybrid, what face-to-face courses/activities are required and where?
  • Does the program include required internships, student teaching, practicums, clinicals, or “face-to-face” activities?
  • Is there a professional organization or licensing board for this program? (for example, Board of Nursing)
  • In what states do the program’s adjunct or full-time instructors for the program live (physically reside)?
  • What types of marketing will be used to recruit students?

For additional information about developing an online program, contact Becky Simons at simonsr@ohio.edu.

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