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Faculty and Staff Authorization Concerns

Every state has regulations for out-of-state institutions offering online education to its residents. Many states require programs to be authorized before offering courses and/or operating in their state. "Operating" may include soliciting, advertising, and/or recruiting students, as well as requiring students to complete clinical, internships, and/or field placement courses.

Although statutory regulations vary by state, if the distance learning program is completed 100 percent with no field experience or on-the-ground marketing efforts, the program may not require state authorization. However, if the program engages in any "physical presence triggers," it may require state authorization. A few states require authorization notwithstanding physical presence.

Federal, state, and institutional policies may limit or prohibit Ohio University's authorization for delivery of online education to students in certain states/territories. Students must contact Becky Simons at 740.597.1857 or simonsr@ohio.edu to discuss any change in their state of residence prior to relocation. Please be advised that students who move to a different state may not be guaranteed continued enrollment.

On-the-Ground Field Experiences: State Authorization of Out-of-State Activities

Any time an Ohio University student is completing an activity outside of Ohio, the University must assure that the activity is allowable by that other state’s regulations.

States expect institutions to obtain approval before performing any activity in their state, whether the activity is via distance education (online) or in person within that state’s borders. In-person activities include internships, clinical components, practicums, externships, and field trips, but the list is not limited to only those examples. Whether an activity lasts one minute, one month, or one term within another state, there may be regulations the University must meet.

Regulations often exist specific to enrolling students, practical experiences, face-to-face instruction, or marketing. The requirements as to which activities require authorization, the application processes, and the costs to comply vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, it is important to check with Ohio University’s state authorization coordinator on a case-by-case basis before allowing students to take part in any activities in another state.

If a student completes any activity, required or optional, out of state, Ohio University is bound to meet the state authorization regulations for that student's activity in another state in order to maintain compliance. If you are a program director planning a student experience outside of Ohio or you have students who already complete educational activities outside of Ohio, you must check to make sure you are in compliance before proceeding.

Field Experience Spreadsheets and Other Considerations

More Information

For specific information regarding state authorization, approval, licensure, or exemption, please contact Becky Simons at simonsr@ohio.edu.

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