Customized Instructional Programs

We create experiences for faculty to explore a topic of interest or drill down deeper into an issue in an encouraging environment. Some examples of the programming we organize include the Design Studio for Online and Blended Courses, Faculty Learning Communities, and Lunch and Learn seminars. Participation in small, interest-driven communities facilitates focused, collaborative exploration of a particular topic.

We also support large-scale institution-wide programs that have a broad impact. Examples include our initiatives related to textbook cost reduction, new learning spaces design, strategic realignment for distance learning, and the promotion of innovative teaching practices. The Academic Innovation Accelerator, another OII initiative, allows faculty to experiment with institutionally significant ideas in instructional innovation.

The Center for Teaching & Learning offers expertise and administrative services to faculty and instructional staff to build skill and understanding in a rapidly evolving instructional landscape. We provide classroom observation and one-on-one consultations focused on the individual needs of faculty. Whether you seek to improve your teaching performance in the classroom, explore new pedagogical models, or develop effective student assessment processes, we are ready to assist you. We also can review the materials you plan to include in your promotion and tenure dossier.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss and address your challenges. We may recommend a program or design a new experience to help you or your colleagues move forward successfully.

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